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Medical supplies are a tricky niche. Because of their nature, they can easily lead to Amazon seller suspensions even though they are extremely profitable. Why? Follow us as we explain the side effects of selling medial supplies on Amazon.

Amazon is entirely involved in medicine sector products and is very rigid when it comes to medical supplies. At the same time, the online giant provides a chain of advantages both for sellers and buyers.  The segment of medical supplies is not so developed, and there are not many categories yet. There is a list of products that are closed for new vendors, such as non-prescription products, and medicinal or technological products referring to clinics. If you’ve decided to start your business by selling medical supplies, we explain to you the key points of this business, and how to sell products of this niche on Amazon without having your seller account suspended.


That’s a fancy word for products that are not deemed harmful.

There is a huge number of products that you can sell with confidence. Among them:

  • Analgesics syrups
  • Medicines for colds and allergies
  • Eye drops
  • Antiseptics
  • Orthopedic devices
  • Mobility accessories
  • Health electronics
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Baby equipment
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Vitamin supplements

Note: Sometimes, the same item can appear in different categories; for example, sunglasses use this trick in order to increase your selling.

Before sourcing products for selling in this category, we recommend that you review Amazon policies in order to be sure that you meet all the vendor requirements.

Lost in Information

If you are dealing with medical products, you have to be extra careful. For providing clear information to your customers, put extra effort when it comes to your product’s description. Try to use bullet points in your description; it will help the customers better understand your product. Describe your product as detailed as possible, provide a condition in which it can be used, and do not forget about side effects! Customers need to know what they are buying, and how it should be consumed.

No-Fly List

There is a list of products that you should stay away from since by selling these products, you are exposing yourself to receiving a message from Amazon about your account suspension. Among them, you can find mercury thermometers, test kits, deceptive products, and some types of menstrual cups.

And for Last

As you can see selling medical products sometimes can be very dangerous, since there are lots of tricky guidelines that you have to follow strictly. Read Amazon’s rules and follow our own guidelines at Got Suspended Amazon appeal service in order to avoid potential issues. These could be account deactivation and the time-consuming process of your Amazon suspension reinstatement. Sometimes it is too hard to overcome the reinstatement by yourself; in most cases, you will be successful only by cooperating with Amazon reinstatement services such as Got Suspended.

If you come across with the suspension of your account as a result of selling medical supplies, and reinstating it on your own is out of your hands, Got Suspended’s Amazon suspension appeal service is always next to you. We have a great track record at reinstating Amazon accounts every day. Our college-educated reinstatement service can easily diagnose the root cause of your suspension and return your selling privileges as fast as possible.