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“I have enough jewelry,” said no one ever and ordered even more via Amazon.

Right, today we are going to talk about jewelry, which should not only be permitted to sell, but must be well-packaged because this is what Amazon requires. If you have already read one of our recent blogs, you may know that only the “gifted” sellers can sell jewelry, but even then they should obediently follow Amazon’s requirements. Now, when you are already permitted to sell these beauties, you still have to face a backlog of work concerning jewelry packaging requirements. Same old Amazon, same old policies, what else can we do?

Packaging is an important part of selling on Amazon for approximately 2.5 million active sellers; this means that 2.5 selling careers are in danger of an Amazon account suspension if they ignore Amazon’s policies and requirements. Want to be the one who avoids each and every Amazon seller suspension? Our Amazon reinstatement service will help you with that!

Normally, there are two main ways of packaging jewelry: pouches and boxes, and oddly enough Amazon has prepared special requirements for each of them. You shouldn’t ever question Amazon; its creativity is beyond any doubt, even limitless!

Boxes and the Jewelry

  • “Boxes made of material that is easily cleaned do not have to be bagged. Sleeves are sufficient protection from dust.”
  • “Boxes made of fabric-like material that is susceptible to dust or tearing must to be bagged or boxed individually with barcode displayed prominently.” Amazon takes the outer design very seriously, which is why you should always take care of not only the jewelry, but also their boxes.
  • “Protective sleeve or bag should be only slightly larger than unit.” This way, you will not only save some money, but also won’t irritate your customer with needless and unnecessary materials.
  • “Box sleeves should be snug enough or secured in such a way that they will not slide off and the barcode must be visible with the sleeve in place.”
  • “Barcodes should be attached to box if possible; they can be attached to sleeves if secured properly.” This way Amazon helps not only its customers, but also you. Because without a proper barcode or with a damaged one. your item can be lost or simply not delivered. You definitely don’t want that happening to expensive items!

Pouches – Bags or Soft Containers for Small Objects

  • “Pouches must be packed individually in plastic bags with the barcode on the outside of the pouch to avoid damage from dust. Place a product description label on the side with the greatest surface area.”
  • “The bag should be appropriate for size of a pouch. Do not force a pouch into a bag that is too small or place it in a bag where it can easily shift around. The edges of large bags are more likely to get caught and tear exposing contents to dust or dirt.” The same thing is with the boxes; remember our previous post about general packaging requirements?
  • “Poly bags (minimum 1.5 mil.) with a 5″ opening or larger must have a “suffocation warning.” Example: “Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation; keep this bag away from babies and children.” This is a very important point, because Amazon wants to secure itself from possible dangers. Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.
  • “All poly bags must be transparent.”

Packaging Materials

Before we get to the crux of the matter, we would like to quickly mention all the packaging materials that Amazon accepts. Generally, Amazon accepts the following:

  • Poly bags
  • Boxes

Precaution is better than the cure, and Amazon knows it better than it knows about the back of its hand! This is one of the keys to Amazon’s success; it just won’t allow anyone to mess anything up because of small and even unintentional mistakes. Our Amazon appeal service will help you avoid these mistakes and never get suspended again! And by the way, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy jewelry and sell it to your Amazon customers; that’s when you will find yourself happy!