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Selling on Amazon is not always about money. It is about establishing rules for yourself in order to provide good customer service, it is about following Amazon’s policies, and finally, it is about quality control. Amazon knows that quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless, which makes it one of the most important principles for selling on Amazon. Quality never happens by accident; it is always the result of something bigger than an accident, it is the result of your efforts.

Taking into account the importance of offering quality to your customers, we at Got Suspended Clients Amazon reinstatement service have decided to show you the side effects of offering Amazon customers poor quality products. Already guessed what we are talking about?

Then let’s go!

The formula is simple: the better your quality is the more Amazon and its customers like you. But what should you do to perk up your quality control?

It’s always better to start with a good sample. We understand that some new sellers on Amazon just can’t wait to start their new careers. Even though they are bouncing off the walls, Amazon expects them to show responsibility, quality, and professionalism. It would be a good thing for you to have the most perfect sample, and only then start selling the real products. Just test the sample, make experiments, discover the faults, and learn from your mistakes. If you are a reseller, do a test order and find out what is wrong with them. When you are done with a good sample, make sure an objective third-party inspect it as well. This way your product will be inspected not only subjectively, but also objectively.

If you are working with a supplier, make sure you two see eye to eye when it comes to products. Your supplier may not have the same values you do, which is why everything should be thoroughly discussed and negotiated. Don’t wait for them to do everything instead of you, because chances are they won’t! Right from the beginning, make sure you find some common ground. Just talk about the requirements of both sides; good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. To escape the confusion, describe what you want, as vividly and descriptive as possible. Have everything written down, and make someone confirm it. If you don’t do this, you will not only waste your time, but also financial resources on products you didn’t want.

You are ready for… no, not selling. Now you are ready for the final inspection! Investment in quality control will never let you down since it is one of the keys to the perfect and suspension-free account. Inform your supplier about the inspection by a third-party. This way, they will be more careful and cautious, and your products will get off to a flying start. Make sure you receive all the documentation concerning the results of the inspection, including full reports and pictures of your product.

Everything can be perfect; however, your customer can receive a defective product and file a complaint about it which might have your seller account suspended. Do you want to get suspended because of this review? Of course not! In this case, along with the quality control, you will have to audit your packaging, delivery system, and listings. This is because items can be damaged as a result of bad packaging or delivery, and what’s more, the information in your listings may not comply with the actual product.

In a nutshell, quality control is one of the initial processes before selling on Amazon. Just make sure you are taking your quality control seriously, and that it is conducted on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid of Amazon suspensions, since they won’t happen if you follow the rules and conduct quality controls. Got Suspended Clients got your back and will help you no matter what because that’s what good Amazon appeal services do!