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It somehow feels like selling on Amazon is like a fish in a barrel; however, those who have never been in this sphere could hardly imagine how difficult it could be to build a successful business on Amazon. Every day, those who run their business on Amazon face a variety of issues such as customer complaints for different reasons, poor performance metrics, negative reviews, or even worse, account deactivation. Of course, if you do not have enough experience in selling on Amazon and you regularly face different obstacles within your business, the probability that you will have a difficult time on the platform is pretty high.


However, do not rush to give up, since difficulties make us better and stronger. If you want to succeed in selling on Amazon, you should develop immunity from all the types of e-commerce diseases and just follow your dreams in pursuing a successful online business.


For running a profitable business on Amazon, you should devote a solid amount of time to your business. We have prepared short guidelines of how you can keep your business on a positive level and avoid any types of issues within your newborn business.


Stay Away from Listing Discrepancies


If you’re wondering what these are, they are basically cases where the information appearing on your product listings does not match the actual products which you sell. For example, the listing says that Product A comes in packages of two, but it arrives at the customer’s doorstep in a package of one. Why is this an issue?


Well, because your customer wanted the package listed on your website, and now they’re probably angry or frustrated, which means they are going to leave negative feedback on your account. This can mean only one thing. Well, two things. First, your ODR, or order defect rate will go high, and if it’s high enough, problem number two will happen: your account will get suspended.


Throw Away Expired Items


Have you even bought milk that you thought was new but was actually expired? You probably got sick from drinking it, and wanted to sue the supermarket. The supermarket would probably be very concerned, because they don’t want a sick customer on their hands.


Amazon is no different. It wants to make sure that its customers are safe and sound, which is why it will come down on you hard if it catches you selling expired products. Plus, think about your own consciousness. Would you want your customer to get sick from using an expired product? Or get annoyed at receiving it? Definitely not! And don’t forget about those negative reviews and what they can do to your account.


Here are some more tips:


  • Regularly check your Account Health section to ensure that your Performance Metrics meet Amazon’s standards: Your Order Defect Rate should not be above 1%, your pre-fulfilment cancel rate should fall around 2.5% and your late shipment rate should be around 4%. You can find all of these specifications on Amazon Seller University, which, if you’ve been following our Got Suspended? blogs, you need to regularly study.
  • The second component of the perfect Amazon business is a lack of negative reviews or feedback, or unanswered questions from your customers. If you do not have enough time to devote to this process, it is better to hire somebody who will handle all the issues which may arise with your buyers.
  • The business model you operate on Amazon is not of that much Your main goal is to ensure that the customers will receive high-quality products without any defects, both on the product and on the package. Even If you are doing dropshipping on Amazon, it doesn’t absolve you of shipping responsibilities. You have to ensure that you are working solely with responsible people who will provide your customers with the best service.
  • Another important aspect of a healthy operation on Amazon is creating trustworthy relationships with your suppliers. Before sourcing any product, you should double-check that your future supplier is an authorized seller who offers you 100% genuine products and can provide you with all the necessary documents on your goods.


By following these tips, you can keep your ODR and your Performance Metrics within a healthy percentage, ensuring a safe career on Amazon. If by any chance, you’ve gotten yourself suspended, no worries. We at Got Suspended? are here to pick up the pieces! Just let us know, book a call with us, and we’ll figure out the ins and outs of your case to reinstate you with professionalism and diligence.