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Amazon Account Suspended For Late Shipment

By June 14, 2021No Comments

In terms of suspensions, sellers of Amazon are divided into two groups: the ones who did something and are now paying the price, and those who did nothing and are still paying it! Amazon suspension happens quite often, and let’s be honest, getting suspended on Amazon is a complete disaster when you did nothing wrong!

This happens quite a lot, actually! For example, you can operate your business and think that everything is completely fine, and suddenly get suspended! This can happen especially when Amazon wants to verify your supply chain, the suppliers or brands you source your products from.

However, there’s also a type of suspension where you get suspended because of a THIRD PERSON or company, for example your employees or companies that are shipping your products!

Reasons for Late Shipment Rate Suspensions…

There are many reasons for late shipment rate suspensions, and most of them occur because of third-party service providers, such as couriers.  However, the reasons themselves are quite diverse, starting from oversleeping and not monitoring the order and ending with the courier who had a car accident.

In any case, the result is the same: the customer doesn’t get the purchase on time, leaves negative feedback, and therefore, deteriorates your negative feedback metrics, and your late shipment rate becomes higher and higher, and sooner or later passes the 4% target…

How to Monitor the Late Shipment Rate

If you don’t know, you can always observe your account’s metrics and ensure its well-being in the Account Health section! This section will show you how you perform, whether your ODR metrics are in a good condition, and so much more!

But what is more important, you can see your late shipment rate metrics. According to Amazon, “the Late Shipment Rate (LSR) represents orders ship confirmed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders, over both a 10-day or a 30-day period.”

Even in the Account Health section, you will see that you should maintain a late shipment rate under 4% in order to continue selling on Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon will take away your selling privileges and suspend your account!

How to Appeal

If the worst already came to the worst and you already found your account suspended, then you should appeal your suspension in order to bring your account back, right? As you may know, writing an appeal is not the easiest thing to do! You have to choose the right wording, accurately describe the situation and identify the cause of the suspension and so forth!

If you don’t really know how to identify the root cause and explain it with the right words, then you can always consult specialists like us! However, if you want to do everything by yourself, then this is what you can include in your appeal:

  • Admit your mistake: Amazon wants you to understand that you did something wrong. Show that you failed at fulfilling the order on time.
  • DON’T blame others! Even though it was your courier who screwed everything up, you still have to take this suspension personally and not blame anyone but yourself!
  • Tell Amazon You’re Sorry: but DON’T dance attendance on it!

Here’s a Tip!

Amazon is all about satisfying customers. Hence, you should always meet the platform’s requirements and expectations! Amazon says that you should confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date, and you know why? Because Amazon customers deserve to know about the status of their order. You see, the online world is an ambiguity itself, and if you don’t meet these terms, platforms like Amazon will blame you for not providing good customer service and will definitely suspend you!

We Can Help!

If you got suspended, tried to appeal your suspension but still, couldn’t reinstate your account, then we can help! Together with our Amazon specialists and qualified writers, we will create a perfect appeal that will convince Amazon that you deserve the second chance!

Our Amazon suspension appeal is only one of its kind, and you know why? Because every single letter is written based on your case! We at Got Suspended Clients know that there are no similar cases, each of them is highly individual and therefore, needs an individual approach! So, if you want to get what you deserve, contact  us at Got Suspended Clients now!