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Previously, on Got Suspended Clients:

Sometimes, selling on Amazon becomes a ball and chain, especially when you’re getting suspended. We talked about how Amazon ASIN Variation Misuse can leave you with an Amazon suspension.

Our Amazon appeal service knows how strange and scary it is to receive the dreadful email about your Amazon seller deactivation: you are just selling your products, and out of the blue, someone says that your account is gone! Poof! It disappeared, and you have to do something to bring it back! Stress and panic attack, this is what most sellers feel!

Today, we’re going to talk about Amazon suspensions and how they can occur because of the late shipment rate on Amazon.

Let’s be honest, when you’re selling on Amazon, you don’t expect your courier to ship the product later than it was originally promised. Logically, you are the one who’s going to pay the price, because who is in charge of this entire selling-shipping process? You, of course! Yes, late shipments happen, and unfortunately, Amazon customers are merciless when they don’t get what they want (or when they don’t get it on time, at least…)!

What Can Happen?

There are many reasons that can damage your metrics in the Account Health section, and therefore, lead you to another mind-numbing and tiring Amazon account suspension. For example, you overslept and forgot to monitor the order, or the courier had a car accident and didn’t manage to ship the product on time. As we said, late shipments happen, but still, you have to pay for them!


You should never tell Amazon Seller Performance Team about everyday problems that you are facing. The fact that there’s an ordinary Amazon employee sitting behind the screen won’t really help, because these employees are trained according to Amazon policies. So, don’t spend your time on meaningless excuses, they just won’t help!

An Amazon employee doesn’t care about your personal status, doesn’t (and won’t) think about the accident that happened to your courier (even if the driver was hurt). It’s not that they don’t want to care, it’s just that there are millions of sellers there, and Amazon employees are not psychologists. So, let’s have a look at the root cause that you can use in your appeal letter.

The Root Cause for This Suspension is….

Amazon wants to hear that you were wrong, that you made a mistake, and that you committed a “crime” against its customers.

If you want to sound professional, and at the same time, real and honest, don’t forget about admitting your mistake! Just tell Amazon that you’re sorry for the inconvenience that your shipping caused, and that it was your fault that the customer received their product later than it was planned.

However, that still might not be the root cause, which is why it’s best to let professional Amazon reinstatement specialists handle your case. Which is our team!

If you’re suspended by Amazon and can’t reinstate your account, give us a distress signal and we will come to hep! Our Amazon appeal and reinstatement service will make sure the root cause is properly identified, the appeal letter is created according to your situation, and that cooperating with us helps you get your account back!

See you on the next episode of Science of Root Causes!