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One of the most incredibly challenging Amazon suspensions is considered to be Forged or Manipulated Documentation Suspension. Let’s try to understand what it is. As you know, from time to time, Amazon checks its sellers’ supply chain information and requests some documentation, including invoices. It’s a standard procedure. If Amazon finds out that the invoices submitted by the seller are not valid (or let’s be blunt, if the invoices are fake), it will immediately have their Amazon seller account suspended.

What Exactly Is a Manipulated Document?

The name pretty much speaks for itself. Some sellers will, for fraudulent purposes, photoshop invoices and add in information that is fake. Not only will this lead to Amazon account suspensions, but it will also alert Amazon’s team and they will suspend the account based on the third section of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement. Other sellers will provide forged documentation other than invoices, such as utility bills. All these will amount to a seller account suspension which is very tricky to reinstate. Amazon is really good at detecting fake invoices. After all, it is equipped with one of the most sophisticated algorithms to even see the light of day, A9. It can detect manipulated invoices in a matter of minutes.

How Can You Avoid Forged or Manipulated Suspension?

If you are here on Got Suspended Clients, then we are sure that you are not a fraudulent seller. Sometimes sellers send it incorrect invoices, but Amazon labels them fake instead of incorrect and suspends the accounts. Nevertheless, here are some tips on avoiding this suspension.

  • Never change any information on your invoices.
  • Even it is allowed by Amazon, it is better to not highlight information on your invoices.
  • Do not use any computer program for redacting information on your invoices.
  • Send your documentation only in PDF format. Formats like MSWord can be easily altered, especially because different versions are installed on each computer.
  • Do not alter documents that you are going to send Amazon.
  • Do not change information on packing slips.
  • Avoid using a third-party service for qualifying the approval to sell a product. Do everything manually and try to hire specialized teams.
  • Source your products directly from brands or their authorized distributors. Sometimes you can operate your account without knowing that you are working with fake documentation. You confidently submit them to Amazon, only to face an Amazon seller account suspension.

Even though we initially mentioned that suspensions due to Forged or Manipulated documents are considered difficult to solve, that does not mean there is no light at the end of the tunnel. They might be tricky to solve for the everyday seller, but Got Suspended Clients is not an everyday business. Our team is comprised of professionals in the e-commerce industry who have a great deal of experience and have reinstated Amazon seller accounts in complex circumstances.

Our main goal is to show Amazon that our client never submitted any fake documentation (if this is the case). Be aware that Amazon will keep requesting information on your supply chain, so try to be ready for submitting information about your supply chain with all the necessary documentation.

If you ever come across this type or any type of Amazon suspension, feel free to contact us and we will help you get over this issue as swiftly as possible.