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If you’ve ever been suspended by Amazon, you may probably be aware that Amazon is fond of requesting more and more information on your suspension case. You can submit your Plan of Action several times until Amazon will get satisfied. As a rule, most of the Amazon suspended sellers do not have enough experience in writing a qualitative Plan of Actions, and they fail in the early stages. Or even worse, they are working with non-professional reinstatement agents who are playing in the circle of your account reinstatement process. And that’s because you do not know what Amazon is waiting to see in your Plan of Action, and unfortunately, you can spend plenty of time sending and resending your appeal letters to Amazon. Let’s try to figure out how you can deal with your Account suspension in order to satisfy Amazon’s requirements.

Round and Round We Go

Let’s try to understand why it happens and what exactly Amazon waits from your Plan of Action. There are many aspects which may influence Amazon to keep requesting more and more information from you as a seller:

  • The main problem is hidden in the fact that there is no special designated investigator for your unique case. If you have been asked for additional information on your case, after providing it, a completely different person should investigate your case.
  • Amazon does not have a developed strategy for audits and investigation quality reviews since they are very busy with dealing with another problematic case.
  • Amazon does not have a designed training program, and sometimes it is too hard to control all the offices around the world.
  • There is a lack of attention to the Standard Operating Procedures changes.

Once and For All with Got Suspended!

If you get suspended by Amazon and are stuck in the endless process of sending your Plan of Actions, again and again, we come bearing good news since you are in the right place at the right time! Our Amazon reinstatement service has a developed strategy for every unique case. As a rule, the process of your account reinstatement requires both time and effort, and it is too hard to deal with this process by yourself. We know what Amazon wants to see in your Plan of Action and we’re ready to draft a completely new Plan of Action with arguments that have never been mentioned before. Thanks to the teamwork of our Amazon appeal service, we will provide you with unparalleled expertise and return your selling privileges in a prompt manner.