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For this Got Suspended Clients article, we have decided to cannonball straight into the topic!

Amazon Account Suspended? Here’s the Right Way to Appeal!

The first thing you need to do is to…pull yourself together! Everything you need is in this blog!

We’re Amazon sellers too! We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning, wash up, get your device to see how well you’ve done on Amazon the day before, and viola! You see a letter from Amazon’s Seller Performance team. Normally, this would not be a problem. But this time, the letter is actually a suspension notification which bears the news of your Amazon account and selling privileges getting shut down. Why were you suspended in the first place anyway?

For any seller, finding out that their Amazon account is suspended can be devastating news, but one should not panic even though you might have absolutely no idea what went wrong! If there is a will, there is away! Amazon always provides the opportunity to appeal your account suspension and get reinstated as an Amazon seller, but it does not give you the full picture.

We do!

Let’s talk about the right way to appeal to Amazon in the following steps, and get your Amazon business back on track! Time to pay attention, because the infamous Plan of Action is constructed this way!

Figure Out the Root Cause

Yep! After sending you at the suspension notice, Seller Performance will not tell you why you have been suspended! Instead, they want you to figure it out by yourself! They were not going to make it easy for sellers now, were they? They will give you a generic reason behind your Amazon account suspension,, but that’s it! There are two ways you can figure out the main root cause:

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central and try to figure things out on your own
  2. Leave the process to Amazon account reinstatement professionals like us at Got Suspended Clients!

In either case, you need to find the root cause of your suspension, which can be many things:

  • Selling restricted products
  • Changing information on your Seller Central
  • High Order Defect Rate
  • Negative product reviews and negative customer feedback
  • And dozens of other reasons!

Once the root cause has been figured out, jot it down somewhere and leave for later when you are typing your Amazon suspension appeal. Now, move on to the next step:

Show Amazon the Actions Taken to Resolve the Issue

Obviously, just telling Seller Performance what went wrong is not going to get your selling privileges back! There’s always more to be done!

Amazon and its team need to know that you are actually doing things to get your suspended Amazon account back, and showing them how you have tried to fix things is a great way of doing that! Go in detail on the steps you have taken to fix the the problem. Make sure the information is clear and precise. Don’t be too general, and don’t be too detailed either! Depending on your suspension, this section of your Amazon suspension appeal can change. You should always tell them that you have thoroughly reviewed your account to figure out similar issues, though! They also need to know that you’ve been reviewing Amazon policies in detail!

Did you do it? Great…

But, there’s still more to be done to save your account from the Amazon suspension loophole its stuck in!

Show Them Your Preventative Actions, or Plan of Action!

Let us take a wild guess…

You wouldn’t want to go through another Amazon seller suspension, would you? Yep, we figured! That’s why you need to create a Plan of Action and that Plan of Action should prevent future Amazon account suspensions in your business! After getting your account back, you really don’t need performance notifications telling you that your account has been suspended again!

Your plan of action must be as detailed as your previous step. You should already be aware of the root cause. Guess what’s going to prevent it? Not doing it again! For example, if your Amazon account is suspended because you sold restricted products, you have to make sure not to sell those products. If customer feedback is what got you down, you need to prove that you will not make the same mistake again!

Closing Statement

Every letter has a closing statement, and this one is no different. Just briefly mention that you realize why your account was suspended by Seller Performance, you’ve taken steps to get reinstated and you will no longer repeat the same mistakes! Make sure you let Amazon know that you have learned a lot from your Amazon suspension!

After you are done with your appeal letter, make sure you proofread it before hitting that appeal button on your seller account!

Sounds Like Too Much of Hassle? Let Us Handle Your Amazon Account Suspension!

Even though it feels easy, suspensions can be pretty tricky if you are not familiar with Amazon policies and the backend. Each Amazon policy has its loopholes, and not every Amazon sellers knows them. Suspended sellers often rush and make mistakes by including wrong information in the Amazon appeals, or panicking and trying to create a new account. Don’t! New accounts get linked and suspended in no time!

Why not let the pros handle it? We’ve been in this game for many years and have all the right tools and experience to get back your Amazon account, just like we’ve been done for many sellers!

Did Amazon suspend your account?

Reach out to Got Suspended Clients and we’ll get your suspended Amazon account reinstated in no time!