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Ouch, did you get hit with an Amazon account suspension? Not sure how to get your suspended account reinstated? Scratching your head in confusion while writing your plan of action?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you get your account and selling privileges back, making selling on Amazon the ultimate suspension-free experience!

So, sit down, relax, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Figuring Out What Happened

If we could have a penny for every time we heard “I don’t know why my account is suspended! I was doing everything right!”

Well, chances are that something went wrong, and it was unintentional. Even though we’d love to say that Amazon suspends account for no reason, we can’t! There’s always a reason, however illogical it might seem!

Amazon gives you a general idea of why the account suspension happened, but you as an Amazon seller have to do the bulk of the work. For example, if Amazon tells you that Seller Performance has suspended your account over an increase in your Order Defect Rate, you need to access your Seller Central and try to figure out which orders were the problematic ones. You can’t just say “Sorry I missed up with my ODR” and expect to get reinstated! Why? Because Amazon needs to see the effort you make in trying to get your account reinstated. And hey, sometimes they might have made a mistake! Plus, you need to include these details in your plan of action, which we will talk about later on.

“Why would my Amazon seller account be suspended anyway?”

That’s a very general question, because each case is different! There are literally hundreds of ways your account could get suspended, and the root cause can be either one of these:

  • ODR spikes
  • Inauthentic complaints
  • Counterfeit sales/trademark violations
  • Negative feedback
  • New account verification checks
  • Restricted product sales
  • Ignoring performance notifications
  • Linked Amazon accounts (especially if you open a new account)
  • Poor account health
  • Credit card-related issues
  • Pretty much any violation of Amazon’s policies

As you can see, Amazon’s policies list is long and full of terrors! Figuring out what suspended your account in the first place right away is the first step in getting it back!

Step 2: List What You Have Done to Fix Things

Besides figuring out the root cause, you also need to take actions and fix the issue which got your account suspended in the first place. Amazon calls these “steps taken to resolve the issue.” You need to be detailed and concise at the same time. Remember, Amazon Seller Performance employees are human, just like you. They cannot spend hours reading an essay. Your plan of action needs to be detailed, yet short and to-the-point.

Let’s say your account gets suspended because you listed a bunch of ASINs without authorization. A corrective step would be to remove those ASINs. If you’ve had your Amazon account suspended because of negative feedback, you need to show Amazon what you have done to resolve that feedback, for example refunding your customers.

If you’re done with this phase of trying to get your Amazon seller account reinstated, it’s time to move on to the next and final phase:

Step 3: Promise That You Will Never Cause an Amazon Account Suspension, and Present Your Plan of Action!

No one likes an Amazon suspension. We’re willing to bet that even Amazon and Seller Performance hates them as much as Amazon sellers do. It just adds more headache to everyone’s life! So, Amazon wants to make sure that you have learned your lesson and after you get your account reinstated, you will run into similar issues in the future. If you sold items you should not have, tell them that you will no longer list restricted products! If you sourced from unauthorized third party suppliers, tell them that it will never happen!

Basically, you need to list your preventative plan of action. A successful appeal depends on a successful plan of action! Make sure you’ve done everything correctly before hitting that appeal button!

Bonus Material!

Here are some extra short tips which we have for you that will help you get rid of your Amazon account suspension:

  • Do not let your feelings create a mess! Yes, we know how frustrated any Amazon seller gets when their account gets suspended. We’ve been there! But both your reaction to your Amazon suspension notice and the way you write suspension appeals should be calm and collected. Also, don’t sue Amazon! It’s never a good idea, as you can see here.
  • Opening a new account is never a good idea! If you Amazon account was suspended, don’t create a new one right after. Amazon will link your new account to the old one, and before you know it, you’ll get a suspension notice that your new Amazon seller account has been suspended.
  • Do not rage! This is very important. As frustrated as you might be, getting angry and threatening Amazon will not help you reinstate your account and get back on the platform. In fact, it might make matters worse! When you appeal to Amazon, make sure you are polite and well-spoken.

What Got Suspended Clients Does for You

To put things simply, we are the team Amazon sellers come to when Amazon decides to suspend their accounts. Why? Because we know how Amazon account suspensions work, and we know how to get reinstated on the platform!

Many Amazon sellers ending up making various mistakes during their suspension period which makes matters worse, and the reinstatement process longer. We know how to work around that, because we’ve also been Amazon sellers! Our team will go into your seller central account, figure how why you what made you get suspended, and then our appeal team will come in to write a fool-proof plan of action which Amazon and Seller Performance will definitely notice, and they will reinstate your selling privileges and suspended account in a short period of time!

If you ever get hit with an Amazon account suspension, we’re just a click away! Many Amazon sellers have successfully had their Amazon account reinstated and their selling privileges resorted thanks to our collective effort! Your suspended account is next! Get rid of your account suspension with Got Suspended Clients!