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If you’ve received an Amazon email stating that your account is suspended because of a verification suspension, then you belong to the list of those who least expected it, or didn’t even have a chance to do something wrong. But don’t be like a cat on hot bricks! We’ll explain everything here at Got Suspended?.


Amazon accounts can get suspended simply because you changed a piece of information on Amazon without notifying the eCommerce giant. It can be anything that comes to your mind: your address, bank account, credit card information and so on. So don’t change anything without informing Amazon, because otherwise you will get suspended.


If you have already experienced the immediate aftermath of doing something wrong on this platform, here are tips that you can use to reinstate your account.


  1. Amazon wants you to understand your mistake and redeem yourself; so right off the bat, understand the reason for your suspension. It’s important to investigate your account and think of any detail that you have changed on Amazon. Even things that once seemed pointless can make you suffer, so consider everything before writing an appeal.
  2. After figuring out the initial reason for your suspension, include that in your appeal letter and briefly try to explain why you made that change. Admit that you were wrong, and move on to the next step.
  3. Go through Amazon’s email, see what Amazon wants you to send. These are usually documents that verify your identity, and that you are a real seller with realistic intentions. Normally, Amazon requires a set of documents which you should provide for them.
  4. All the information you send to Amazon should be as clear as black and white. For example, if you take a photo or a scan of an invoice, which will be eventually sent to Amazon, make sure it’s easy to read and comprehend. The Seller Performance Team won’t spend its “precious” time on puzzles and riddles!
  5. Convince Amazon that you understood your mistake, and that such things will never happen again! Show that you went through its policies, educated yourself and now you’re ready to get back on board and operate your business.


One more thing, Amazon has implemented the process of starting a new verification strategy that includes a video call, so be ready for that!


In other words, verification is not the hardest of suspensions. But still, you need to focus all your efforts on account inspection and documents needed for Amazon. Be polite, and never blame Amazon because it will make things worse! If you can’t find the reason for your suspension even after the most careful and detailed inspection, contact us and we will find the needle in this haystack and write an appeal for you!