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To be an Amazon seller means to feel stressed and anxious all the time. Well, OK, not all the time. According to National Institute of Mental Health, “Stress is how the brain and body respond to any demand. Any type of challenge—such as performance at work or school, a significant life change, or a traumatic event—can be stressful. Stress can affect your health. It is important to pay attention to how you deal with minor and major stressors, so you know when to seek help.” Why do we say this? Because Amazon causes its sellers to get stressed, even when the conditions they’re working in seem good and satisfactory.

Since we worry not only about reinstatements, but also Amazon sellers as well, we decided to conduct our investigation, and find out how sellers deal with stress. For that we went to Seller Central, read all the comments and opinions that Amazon sellers have left, and now we’re ready to share the results!

First of All, Why Is It So Stressful to Sell on Amazon?

Seller A: “The thing that gives me the biggest ‘kick in the stomach’ feeling is when I see that there is a new “performance” flag. Being accused of selling counterfeit products or other such nonsense makes my blood boil.” 

Yes, it seems that this seller is sick and tired of getting warnings and suspensions! Well, it was quite predictable that most of the sellers would complain about inauthenticity and counterfeit suspensions: they’re the most popular ones!

Seller B: “I can feel frustrated by dealing with a system designed and run by people who know nothing of the business they are in.”

Seller C: “I’ve been an Ebay seller for 16 years and an Etsy seller for 5 years with thousands of sales between them and I find those platforms far more equally weighted between seller and buyer, which means a fairly stress-free environment for me. I genuinely enjoy selling on those sites.”

Seller D: “I think the biggest stress with Amazon is the fact that sellers aren’t in control of their own destiny and unfortunately that is something that cant change.”

After thorough investigations, we can now assume that there are two types of sellers: those who complain about the nature of Amazon, its strict and unfair policies, and account suspensions; and those who talk about certain suspensions that happen more often than they should.

What Do They Do To Deal With The Stress?

Opinions and tactics were different, and honestly, all of them were good. There are sellers who simply put their account in vacation mode, shift their business to FBA or who don’t work on Sundays. As we said, approaches are different. However, we wanted to share with you some certain comments that are not only funny, but also helpful and creative. Who knows, maybe one of these tips can help you overcome your anxieties and worries!

Seller A: “I think you have to create two worlds, the cyber battlezone with all the stress where you don your ‘I’m in control’ tank commander uniform, and the calm zone where you are off-duty in your civvies.”

Seller B: “Seriously, I play great old records all day. I can lend you some 60s bluebeat records if you like – they can cheer anybody up.”

Seller C: “If you work on your own then you need someone who will listen to your moans and groans.”

Seller D: “Drink.”

Seller E: “Find professional help.”

If you have your own method to relieve stress, you can always share it with other sellers on Amazon Seller Central. Pay attention to the last tip that one of the sellers left in the group: it’s always better to work with professionals. If you’re suspended or even received a warning, contact our professional appeal service, and our Amazon specialists will help you with you case!