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Selling on Amazon nowadays has become complicated due to that one topic everyone talks about COVID-19. Everyone suffers from the pandemic, especially the ones who recently found their Amazon accounts suspended because of selling the forbidden fruit – COVID-19 supplies.  Our Amazon appeal service has seen exceptionally unique reasons for suspensions that can occur once in a blue moon, and this is one of them. The crux of the problem is the lack of awareness about policies and adjustments, which makes the life of every Amazon seller a complete disaster. So buckle up, soldier, we have a lot to learn, just get your six and you will never get suspended.

Everyone’s Selling, So Why Can’t I?

Right off the bat let us answer your first question: who can sell COVID-19 supplies? The thing is, you should be pre-approved to sell them, however, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to sell everything under the sun related to the pandemic. In case Amazon approves you as a seller of these vital supplies, you will be able to sell the ASINs for which Amazon allowed you to do so. The so-called recipients are the institutions that are zoning in on fighting with COVID-19 such as hospitals, government organizations, and others.

Being approved to sell is not enough; it has never been enough and never will be. You should also comply with Amazon’s Restricted Products Policies to make sure the products you are selling are safe to sell. However, just like everything else nowadays, things are getting complicated. Since everyone understands the menace that is waiting for us outdoors, Amazon devised special guidelines in order to make everything clear concerning the COVID-19 supplies.

First, sellers who offer medical devices should check the compliance with the Medical devices and accessories policy. The majority of sellers who decided to sell some medical supplies on Amazon have chosen the most popular items that are selling like hotcakes on every e-commerce platform: thermometers, disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Now let’s take a look at each of them:


Thermometers, instruments for measuring and indicating our body temperature, are literally life-saving tools for most of us. In order to sell them, one should not only comply with the above-mentioned Medical devices and accessories policy, but also with the guidelines of Amazon, according to which:

  • “Digital thermometers, including infrared must be manufactured by an FDA-registered manufacturer and have a 510(k) filed with the FDA pertaining to the specific product.”
  • “Non-digital thermometers must be manufactured by an FDA-registered manufacturer.”

Disinfect Your Hands, and Your Account

Another vital tool for killing the bacteria and avoiding the Coronavirus are the disinfectants, which should also meet the terms of Amazon guidelines, especially:

  1. “Products must be manufactured by an FDA-registered manufacturer. If the product is marketed for use in disinfecting medical devices, then it must also have a 510(k) filed with the FDA pertaining to the specific product.”
  2. “If the product makes a claim about killing Coronavirus, it must meet the following:
    • The product qualifies for emerging viral pathogen claims per the EPA’s Guidance to Registrants: Process for Making Claims Against Emerging Viral Pathogens not on EPA-Registered Disinfectant Labels, or
    • The product is listed in the EPA’s List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2.”

That’s a lot of codes and labels right there, but it’s important that you keep yourself updated with them since abiding by them is crucial for Amazon.

Sanitize It, Carefully!

And finally, the last thing we would like to direct your attention to are the sanitizers, which also kill the viruses. If you are confused and don’t know the difference between sanitizers and disinfectants.

  • “All products must include an image of the product label showing the active ingredient and concentration.”
  • “For products that are registered under the FDA’s Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency, products must be manufactured using only the ingredients specified in WHO formulas described in the guidance (80 percent ethyl alcohol or 75 percent isopropyl alcohol). They must also include labels that follow the exact wording in Appendix A, B, C, or D of the guidance as applicable.”
  • “All other hand sanitizers must meet applicable FDA requirements, including FDA registration and OTC labeling requirements. The only permitted ingredients for these products are benzalkonium chloride, ethyl alcohol or Ethanol (60 to 95 percent), and isopropyl alcohol (70 to 91.3 percent).”

In short, sanitize your hands and make sure you don’t sell prohibited products on Amazon. Your non-suspended account will say thank you, and you won’t have to tire your brain and harm your eyes in front of the computer searching for a reliable Amazon appeal service! Actually, you never have to, with Got Suspended Clients only a click away! COVID-19 is something none of us was prepared for: however, we can make the best of it and never get suspended again. There are many more medical items people sell on Amazon, make sure you know everything about them.

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