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It is a general rule of thumb that it is better to trust the writing of your appeal letter to professionals like Got Suspended Clients, who are the masters of their craft in analyzing Amazon accounts and writing good appeals. The main reason is that there are many scrupulous aspects gained by the years of working in this sphere. You may probably ask yourself: Hmm, how can I write a persuasive Plan of Actions by myself?

Here are five main tips which can help you in writing a winning appeal:

  1. Try to use specific information in your appeal letter, for example, if you are talking about people who were hired specifically for preventing such kind of issues in the future, try to mention their names, dates of hire. Even their position in your business. Or, if you are using a new software program, including the name of the software in the appeal. Try to use as many specifics in your Plan of Action as you can, since it plays a big role in the process of reinstatement. Remember, the devil is in the details!
  2. Always use Amazon’s leadership principles. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Keep in mind that the person who is going to read your Plan of Action is trained to follow the leadership principles. It is the first thing that Amazon puts in its employees’ hands. Take a little time and try to learn all those principles; it will help you a lot. At the end of the day, you need Amazon more than they need you!
  3. Do not dive deep in explaining the reason for your suspension, and trying to prove that it is not your fault. The only thing that is really interesting for Amazon is how you are going to solve the issue and becoming a better seller for Amazon’s customers. It’s like getting pulled over in a speeding car. The police don’t care why you were speeding! They care about disciplining you with a fine, which is not that different from an Amazon account suspension!
  4. Never try to force any conclusions. Let the reader come to the conclusion that you are going to be a better seller. The information you provide should make them conclude that on their own.Before we reveal the last tip, let us remind you that one of the most vital parts in writing a persuasive Plan of Action is being honest. And we are not talking about just admitting your guilt. It is more important, to be honest when you are talking about your improvement. About how you are going to make Amazon’s costumers happier. Honesty is always met by Amazon. With that being said:
  5. The most important part of providing your Plan of Action is not even thinking about submitting redacted or altered documentation; otherwise, you will risk getting stuck in the long and painfully-nuanced process of reinstatement, if you’re lucky!

As practice shows, most of our suspended clients had a bad practice in writing their Plan of Action by themselves. And for Amazon reinstatement services, it becomes even more difficult to improve your mistakes. Once you receive a notification about your suspension, contact us and the whole team of Got Suspended Clients can easily detect the root cause of your suspension. Our Amazon appeal service will provide you with a carefully drafted appeal letter that you can confidently provide to Amazon. With the help of Got Suspended Clients, the reinstatement of your seller account will not make you wait long.