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Sellers who choose Amazon as the platform where they will showcase their products, know that it’s extremely hard to sell there. This is not only about the overwhelming tasks and duties; it’s also about being able to deal with Amazon and its suspensions.

As you may know, Amazon suspends its sellers and wants them to verify their information as soon as it is possible. This process is also called as the appealing phase, when you have to collect information, verify the documents you are ready to provide and send in the letter.

Very often, Amazon requires its sellers to provide invoices for the products in order to verify their supply chain. However, there are many sellers who send receipts instead of invoices, and get surprised when the appeal is rejected. As an appeal service, we think that it’s quite fair, and in this article we will explain why!


Usually, Amazon sellers source their products in bulk because of the never-ending orders they receive. And you know what? They always get invoices from suppliers! Now let’s see what an invoice is and what features it has.

You surely know that an invoice is a kind of document which is sent by the seller and which requests payment for certain products. So, in this case, you will be a customer who sources products and who needs to pay for them. An invoice that needs to be sent to Amazon generally includes the list of products that you sourced from a company or a supplier: their cost, quantity and the payment method that is acceptable for them.  If it was to be in the chronological order, you would receive this document before the payment and after the arrival of products.

Invoices are usually sent online because it’s more convenient and more efficient. These are called electronic invoices, and they are almost always accepted by Amazon. So, if you have to send an invoice to Amazon, you need to send the online or well-scanned version of it. Even though a photo of a printed invoice is acceptable, Amazon still prefers the high-quality documents.


Remember, receipts and invoices are not the same thing! An invoice is a document that is sent to the customer for payment, while receipt confirms it! So, if you paid for the sourced products, you will get a receipt. However, as you may already know, Amazon doesn’t accept receipts! Why? Let’s figure this out!

Why Amazon Prefers Invoices

If you have ever been suspended on Amazon, you may already know that Amazon hates receipts. The moment Amazon realizes you sent in a receipt, it automatically rejects your appeal. This can be easily explained, and honestly, we understand where Amazon’s method comes from!

First of all, sending a receipt is not professional. Everyone can get in a store, buy an item and show Amazon that a product is “purchased.” However, Amazon doesn’t want to know whether you bought this product or not. Amazon wants to verify your supply chain, the sources you use for selling different products. However, this can’t be verified with the help of a receipt!

In reality, receipts do not prove the validity of a product, because they just show that you purchased a product. Without an invoice, Amazon won’t understand how many hands the product went through before you received the item, and whose hands they were! Apart from that, retail receipts have no proof of the supplier being legit or not. So, a receipt is just a paper, meanwhile an invoice shows that you really care!

Here’s a small tip: always keep the invoices you get from suppliers. Even if you are one of the best sellers on Amazon, you’re not exempt from suspensions. Who knows, maybe tomorrow Amazon will suspend you and require you to send in those invoices! Many legitimate sellers face problems because of losing or not having the proper invoices, so don’t become a victim of disorganization! What’s more, you need to understand that if you don’t have any invoices, you shouldn’t fake them! Amazon hates not only rogue sellers, but also those who fake or manipulate documents and send them to Amazon! So be careful!

If you have been suspended on Amazon and don’t know how to resolve the issue, you can contact us at Got Suspended Clients and get your perfectly created appeal! We will reinstate your account in a very short period of time, and will make sure your account is in safe hands! You take care of Amazon customers, we take care of you – the formula is simple!

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