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Can I Buy Amazon Product Reviews?

By August 5, 2020No Comments

If we’re not mistaken, you are here either because you’re afraid of Amazon suspensions or you have already become Amazon’s victim! If you don’t consider yourself as part of these groups, you’re very lucky! But, for the sake of security, defense and protection, read our educational articles and never pass by Amazon suspensions! Today, we’re going to talk about something that boosts sales, and which can also suspend your account in the blink of an eye!

If you have been following our Got Suspended Clients Amazon reinstatement service’s blogs, then you must have read a lot about Amazon product reviews and seller feedback. Even though we spoke a lot about them, we have never directly answered one question, which is one of the most popular ones our clients have asked us so far. So, if you want to know more, continue reading and by the end of this article, you will definitely know more about Amazon and Amazon account suspensions!

– Can I buy reviews on Amazon?

-Nope, you can’t!

Let’s Understand Why

Amazon has a brilliant software, which immediately identifies fishy activities. If you buy Amazon product reviews, the software that you are using will automatically start posting reviews, the amount of which is almost uncontrollable. Put yourself in Amazon’s shoes – you see someone with poor sales history and ironically, with numerous Amazon product reviews. Isn’t it suspicious? In one word, Amazon won’t wait for you to explain, it will immediately suspend you and leave you with nothing.

But Why Are There So Many Services That Offer Safe Reviews?

We can’t deny that there are numerous companies that are better equipped and know more about Amazon’s software than others. Yes, sometimes you can get extremely lucky and continue operating your business on Amazon, even with fake reviews, but that’s very rare. Most of our clients who have been suspended because of infringing Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct, always confess that they were using a review generator. And guess what? The company who supplied the review generator made promises of perfection.

After all, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce figure; can you imagine its abilities?

Fake Reviews from Real People

Did you know that apart from numerous eCommerce services that offer safe reviews, there are also sellers who don’t underestimate the power of their family and friends? They go and ask their relatives or close people to leave positive reviews that will influence other customers, and therefore, boost their sales. Moreover, there are people who earn money by leaving reviews; they are sometimes called reviewers. It never ceases to amaze us how clever people can be when it comes to making money. In this case, cunning would be a better word.

This is also easy to detect for Amazon, because Amazon can do even the impossible. If you are lucky enough, it will only suspend you for faking reviews; but if you’re not, you will also get suspended for something else. Imagine a person who accidentally uses the same Wi-Fi, or shares the same IP address, leaving a fake review under your account. Amazon’s software can turn the tables and give you a verification suspension! Double, double, toil and trouble!


As you can see, you can’t buy Amazon reviews, even though the services you want to use guarantee a safe and nontoxic experience. Work hard, provide good customer service and you will always have excellent sales, satisfied customers, and an account without suspensions that has excellent, hard-earned reviews!