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If you are selling on Amazon, having big profits and numerous customers on your mind, you should know about Amazon’s policies, and of course, the Seller Code of Conduct. This is one of the fundamental texts that you should know by heart before starting the actual process of selling, because literally everything starts with right here.


Logically, you get an Amazon Code of Conduct suspension because you’ve violated Amazon’s rules which are directly connected to customer service on its platform. On the way of exploring all avenues in Amazon, let’s understand what the Code of Conduct has in store for Amazon sellers; and don’t worry, it won’t bite!


This document contains all the basics that every legitimate seller should follow. For example, as an Amazon seller, you should take the responsibility of providing accurate information for Amazon and its valuable customers. It’s a no-brainer that you should always act fairly, be honest with customers, compete with others in a healthy and a non-toxic way, contact customers for reasons not related to eCommerce and so on; but still, Amazon has everything grouped under one document.


Apart from the points mentioned above, Amazon has other no-no things that you should know about. Always remember, whatever Amazon says, it means business!


  1. You should never ask your customers for positive feedback or a review, because otherwise Amazon will find you and it will suspend you! But wait, don’t rush! No one stops you from asking for feedback. If you ask for an honest opinion from a customer, it’s completely okay, and Amazon won’t touch your account! And one more thing, never review products that belong to you or your customers!
  2. Noticed something negative under your listings? Try to fulfil numerous successful orders so that the negative feedback falls behind. Never “Pay for or offer an incentive (such as coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews.”
  3. Never use Amazon for private purposes, and never write inappropriate or meaningless messages to Amazon customers. They’re here for shopping, and not for talking to strangers!
  4. Amazon is the king of customer service, so make sure you follow its customer-centric strategy. Amazon customers trust this platform with their personal information, for example addresses or phone numbers, which should never leave the frames of fulfilling orders. After the order is fulfilled, this info should be erased from your database and even memory!
  5. You are allowed to have only one selling account, unless “you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing.”


These are the main requirements that are written in the Amazon Seller Code of Conduct, and you should always follow them. Even though  it seems possible to sidestep some of these points, you should never think about doing so. Amazon is the greatest detective you have ever seen, so don’t test its powers! If you get a suspension which you can’t get out of, just remember that Got Suspended? is always here to extend a helping hand!