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Almost for every newcomer on Amazon, this platform seems strange and bizarre due to the words, phrases and abbreviations that are found here. Just think of it, Amazon Buy Box, ODR, A-to-Z suspensions, UPCs, ASINs and everything else; doesn’t it strike you as odd? But after all, confusion is the first step of knowledge, which is why each of our Got Suspended blogs are aimed at education and guidance, to help you keep your head above water and protect your Amazon account. But at the end of the day, how is today’s topic ever related to our Amazon reinstatement service, or to Amazon seller suspensions?

Let’s find out!

Amazon barcodes are important, and with the slightest errors, inaccuracies and lack of clarity can lead you to an Amazon account suspension. Each product has a distinctive identifier, which makes each and every item individual and unique. You have probably seen barcodes, those vertical black lines, together with numbers at the bottom; sometimes this representation of data may have dots and other patterns, so if you see a distinct barcode, don’t panic, it’s just a variation.

Different Types of Barcodes

Unfortunately for Amazon sellers, barcodes are different and there are many types of barcodes. That’s because it would be difficult to organize, track and manage your inventory with only one type of barcode. For example, there are ISBNs, UPCs, ASINs, SKUs, EANs and JANs. Already confused? Got Suspended will help you win this uphill battle!


  • International Standard Book Number or ISBN is popular among publishers, writers and sellers who are willing to sell DVDs, Compact Discs and books.  There are loads of methods to obtain an ISBN with the help of ISBN providers, which are widely used across Amazon sellers. Don’t worry about the process of obtaining a barcode, it’s not only super easy, but also vital for the maintenance and good standing of your account.


  • One of the most popular barcodes that ever existed on Amazon is the UPC – Universal Product Code, which is the front-runner for Amazon sellers who operate their business in the North America, Europe, Australia and its neighbor New Zealand.

The Familiar ASIN

  • ASINs, Amazon Standard Identification Numbers are Amazon’s favorites, because this alphanumeric identifier is devised by Amazon itself, and is widely used within this giant marketplace. There is always one ASIN per product; however, various national sites of Amazon can have different ASINs for the same items.


  • When speaking of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), it is important to mention that sellers mostly need it when dealing with inventory management, which as you already know, is vital for good account health and selling career. By using this type of barcodes, you will be able to search and spot inventory on hand, and track it. You can also do Advertising and Marketing, Product Recommendations and so forth.

As you can see, there are many types of barcodes that are useful when selling on Amazon, the lack of which may lead your account to suspension and ruin your career. In the Amazon reality, there are also European Article Numbers (EAN) (which are, by the way, UPC variations), and Japanese Article Numbers (JAN).

See? There are plenty of them, and you once you start selling on Amazon, you will understand which type of barcode you need. Just don’t be afraid, ask questions, use search engines and contact us, Got Suspended, to have all the answers to your questions! And if you somehow find yourself suspended, you know where to find us!