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Amazon can be very needy when it comes to customer service. Being obsessed with your customers is a priority for Amazon, and therefore, for its sellers. But have you ever thought that not every Amazon seller respects customers and Amazon’s main policy? You’re totally right, not everyone is ready to accept Amazon’s customer-centric intentions, which however makes their situation even more complicated!

Sellers who disregard Amazon and its guidelines are “punished” by the platform, because of which they lose their ability to sell there. This is why each of us should understand Amazon’s way of thinking, win its trust and accomplish our goals on this very platform!

What Do You Know About Amazon Feedback?

Receiving negative feedback can be hard, especially when it is written by mistake or when it’s exaggerated! But the truth is, there are always dissatisfied customers who are ready to leave feedback, write offensive and rude stuff, and of course, worsen the lives of many Amazon sellers.

As you can see, situations like this can be predicted. This is actually a good thing to consider, since you can take your time and prepare for the worst! Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe,” and he knew what he was talking about! Preparing for a simple task or a challenge can help you save time and avoid having problems with Amazon!

Feedback Numerals to Understand Feedback-Related Suspensions

Amazon has specifications that are listed in its policies for negative feedback. To know more about feedback-based suspensions, we will provide you with some numbers showing you when exactly you will get suspended!

If your negative feedback rate is anywhere between 0 to 2%, then there’s no need to panic and break out in a cold sweat! Just try to keep your feedback rate below 5%, and everything will be just fine!

Can I Remove Negative Feedback?

You can! As it is mentioned in one of our blogs, there are certain requirements if you want to delete feedback under your listings. The requirements are:

  • If the client’s feedback contains insulting words, Amazon will surely remove it from your account.
  • If the feedback contains some personal data about the client, such as phone number, email addresses, or full names, removal is also possible.
  • If it entirely consists of product reviews. In most cases, clients leave a product review in the seller feedback area instead of the product review field. But if feedback includes product and seller reviews together, it is not possible to remove them.
  • If the feedback is almost about shipping problems, and you are utilizing FBA, it is not your responsibility to carry about shipping issues, leave them to Amazon.
What is a Public Reply?

Sometimes keeping negative feedback under your listings can even help you boost your sales and catch the attention of customers. How? Well, that’s quite easy! You just respond to their feedback, address their issues and that’s it! All you need is politeness, good manners and a reasonable approach!

If you want others to see how polite and civil you are while working with customers, you need to use Amazon public replies. This means that all the replies that are sent to the customers will be seen under your listings, and therefore, will make a great impression of you and your business! As Amazon says, frequent usage of this feature will enable prospective buyers to view your response to the feedback, which can potentially increase their trust in your business.

What You Should Know About Public Replies

Take into account the fact that you reply will be visible literally to anyone! That’s why you need to take care of the information you include in your answer. In other words, all these things should be considered while publicly responding to a customer:

  • Your reply must not include private information about yourself, for example your address, telephone number and all that stuff.
  • What’s more, you are not allowed to demonstrate the personal information of the buyer (contact or payment information).
  • Responses are not editable. If you think that there’s something to add or remove, do it right from the start, you won’t be able to edit them later.
  • However, you can still remove the replies that you sent!
  • “Do not ask the buyer questions or start a dialogue because buyers cannot respond to your public reply.”
  • As Amazon says, leaving a response will not have a numerical impact on your feedback score. So, it will only improve your customer service and reputation on Amazon. Still worth it!


In other words, negative feedback can make or break your business! And honestly, everything is in your hands, because you can either respond politely and provide real customer service, or simply ignore the customers

If you have faced Amazon suspensions  and need a helping hand, just know that we are here for you! Contact us, we’re here 24/7!