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Amazon is leading the pack of e-commerce for many years and has its deserved place as an e-commerce leader. In 2019 alone, the retail giant earned nearly $280.5 billion in e-commerce sales, and in 2020, the total revenue of the company was more than $343 billion. And that’s just one part of the bigger picture.

However, if you want to succeed in your e-commerce business, you have to act with dignity when it comes to competition in your business, despite an unequal power between you and your competitors.

Whether you are a small business owner or an experienced company, you should not be afraid of competition with Amazon; the world is your oyster, and only you can create a successful future for your business.

But, since Got Suspended Clients care about your business and your vision, we have prepared some crucial tips which will help you create a successful business and respond to the competition.


All is Far in War!

Before telling you about the main tips of how to survive on this platform, let us tell you about several dirty tactics which are widely used by unfair Amazon sellers. Here’s one: they can copy both your products and your images; therefore, it is important to register your brand in order to avoid such kind of issues within your operation. They can also hijack your listings or leave a bunch of negative reviews in order to influence your ODR metrics.

Another commonly used evil tactic is when competitors buy all your inventory and return it; as a result, you are losing your Buy Box and put your business in the high-risk category of being suspended by Amazon.

You know what the most unfair part is? Amazon doesn’t care about what is happening among the sellers; all it really wants is that its customers get solely genuine products and good customer service.

As you can see, sometimes, this field can be really merciless; therefore, you have to put in maximum effort to overcome unequal competition on Amazon.


The Importance of Customer Loyalty

If you are seeking to build a powerful and profitable business on Amazon, then you should strictly understand that keeping your existing customers is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Of course, you should also work on attracting new buyers; but if you have a stable army of loyal customers, you can be confident of tomorrow. So, try to do your best in order to justify the confidence of your customers.


Find Your Niche

The power of Amazon knows no borders, and you can find whatever you want on this platform. But let’s look at this fact from another angle. Despite Amazon’s power, it cannot offer personalized customer service or compete with small stores. And here comes your time to act!

Your main mission is to find your best niche of a product which will be highly demanded among the Amazon sellers. Once you meet this challenge, you can be sure that your business will bloom in little time.



Before diving into this part of our blog, let’s just go through several metrics:

More than 50% of Americans first go to Amazon yo buy certain products, nearly 37% go to a search engine, and only 15% of them go to the brand. See the difference? Now imagine the impact of SEO on your business. So, as an online seller, you have to use all the advantages provided by this option and boost your website’s SEO, since it is the best way for driving traffic to your website and boost your sales.


If you want to develop your SEO, there are several ways to implement it.

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Hugh-quality Content

We recommend that you hire  an SEO specialist who can help you do everything by the book.


We have only introduced some of the tips that we have prepared for you.  Keep reading our blogs, and you will learn how to build a profitable business on Amazon, cope with competitors, and reduce any possibility of getting suspended by Amazon.

However, you should know that Amazon can pull the rug out from under you at any time; so, if you got suspended or knew somebody who can not reinstate a suspended account, reach out to us, and we will return your Amazon business in the appropriate time-frame!