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Got Suspended continues to bring to your attention the types of Amazon suspensions you might find yourself in. Today we are going to go over the Safety Issue Suspension and provide some useful information for speedy Amazon suspension reinstatement.

First of all, after receiving this kind of suspension, you should try to fix the problem immediately. Keep in mind that in most cases, sellers get both safety issues and used-sold-as-new complaints at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at Safety Issue complaints, and try to get a hang of things:

Imagine ordering a body lotion; you receive your product, and you notice that the seal on the bottle is damaged.  Like any other mentally sane member of society, you would beware of using this product, fearful that someone could have tampered with it, making it not safe for use.

In most cases, these kinds of issues occur due to the carelessness of the sellers. As a rule, FBA does not check the integrity of the product before sending it to the customer. The manufacturer ships the Item directly to Amazon’s warehouse and no one checks the product. As a result, the seller gets a complaint.

The next step is a likely getting hit with a suspension and what comes after that is the long, painstaking process of your Amazon account reinstatement.

Do not throw in the disappointment towel just yet; there is another side of the coin. As practice shows, those Amazon sellers which were suspended due to safety issues have a much easier time at getting their Amazon accounts reinstated since the root cause is the usually detectable right off the bat.

Dive deeper into your business and try to determine the guilty party. If it was a direct result of a manufacturer’s mistake, you have to show Amazon that you remodeled your supply chain, and you have moved on from that company. Also, you have to mention that you hired an employee who will be responsible for inspecting the quality of the products. Try to implement high-quality standards on the Amazon platform. We at Got suspended always advise our clients to perform the following list of actions in order to avoid any suspensions:

  • Before listing any product, check all your inventory.
  • Make sure everything is in good condition.
  • Check the listings carefully.
  • Read up on those Amazon product policies! This includes everything, from packaging to shipping.
  • Shoot for FBA instead of FBM

This can seem like it’s too much to follow, but it’s not. We advise that you create a simple “to do” list based on which you can continue your activity on Amazon. It also would not hurt to have a “not to do” list which will remind you what not to do on Amazon’s platform.

Our Amazon account reinstatement service and dedicated team of individuals are open to guiding you in any issue you may meet when operating on Amazon. Our team consists of experienced employees who are ready to take the burden from your shoulders and have your suspended Amazon seller account reinstated in a relatively short amount of time.