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We all know that Amazon customers are obsessed with shopping online, and of course, with Amazon’s approach towards its customer service. This is why each and every Amazon buyer knows that if there’s something wrong with the service, shipment, or the product itself, they should report on the seller, express their frustration, and get their money back. This is what Amazon has been teaching its customers so far, and honestly, this is one of the best customer-centric strategies that we have seen up to this point!

Here’s a question: customers should indeed be happy, but what about sellers? What about their life, income and selling career? Yes, it’s very hard for Amazon sellers who get suspended and have to forget about their selling responsibilities and concentrate all their strength, energies and efforts on one thing – Amazon suspensions. The hardest part of writing an appeal is the “mistake part,” which is very difficult to identify. So, why have you been suspended? What led you to Safety Concerns suspension? Let’s see!  Welcome to the season finale of Science of Root Causes!

What Amazon Says

If we dive deeper and go on Amazon’s website, we can find the following sentence:

The Product Safety Team at Amazon works to protect Amazon customers from risks of injury associated with products offered on Amazon by looking into and taking action on reported safety complaints and incidents.”

This means that Amazon has a special team that will be in charge of safety concerns, and of course, shopping experience on Amazon. So, if an Amazon customer wants to report on you or your products due to a certain issue, this team will take care of that. Another extract from Amazon’s website:

In concerning situations, we may remove the product from the website, reach out to sellers and manufacturers for additional information, place relevant warnings on the product detail page, or take other actions depending on the situation.”

“Or take other actions depending on the situation…,” smells like Amazon suspensions! So, as you can see, Amazon takes safety concerns seriously, which is why it’s not just limited to suspensions, it can also affect your listings, metrics and so forth, so stay away from this problem as much as you can.

What About the Root Cause?

  • Random Situation

Let’s imagine you sold a product which has is directly connected to customer’s health. For example, you’re selling a moisturizer for dry skin, which is logically not applicable to oily or normal skin. But somehow, you didn’t mention that in your bullet points because you assumed that Amazon customers would thoroughly examine the product image, look at the label and understand that it’s only for dry skin.

  • Common Mistake

Sellers always claim that Amazon should blame the customer, and not the seller. That it was customer’s fault, that they didn’t read the instructions carefully, or they weren’t attentive enough. But here’s the thing: Amazon is only for shopping, and by the way, simplified shopping! It’s not for fun, not for mind-numbing examinations, but for convenience and expediency.

  • The Right Thing to Do

Blame yourself, but not too much. We don’t want you to swallow your pride, and write that it was complete your fault, no! Just admit that you failed to include that fact in your listings, and that you will undoubtedly fix that. This is not a kindergarten, this is a serious eCommerce business, so if you want to be taken seriously, you should act accordingly.

If you got suspended, couldn’t find the root cause and didn’t write an appeal, or if you found the root cause, wrote the appeal and failed, contact us by the phone number mentioned on our website, and we will take care of the rest; working with us is a good decision! You just have to push the button, and we will answer!