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Electronic Products are considered to be one of the most profitable and easy categories to sell in on Amazon. However, the competition is also very high. If you’re intent on selling electronics on Amazon, you should consider all pros and cons of this business. The electronic segment is very changeable; therefore, you should be ready since your business is also going to grow very fast, and if you’re not mindful, you could risk Amazon seller suspensions.

Share of the Risk

Electronic margins are nearly 9% for your earnings; however, most of the people who are selling electronics on Amazon do not feel a significant profit and don’t have a large cash flow. That’s because the competition is too high. Besides that, selling electronics can be very tricky. sometimes, electronic products can get damaged during the shipping. This might have your seller account suspended because of negative feedback from customers.

Keep in mind that you can also have some issues with the authenticity of your products by selling electronics on Amazon. Therefore, you should be extra careful when you are sourcing products, especially from China. However, there are many lawful factories in Chine where you can source high-quality electronic products. All you need is to have valid invoices at hand in order to avoid inauthentic suspensions by Amazon.

The Law

There are a chain of regulations and restrictions when it comes to selling electronics on Amazon.

  • Government. There are some regulations issued by the government for selling electronics in the e-commerce marketplace. Make sure that you have obtained the proper authorization concerning your electronic products. You can check all the restricted products with the Federal Communications Commission’s Code of Federal Regulations. Before selling the product on the Amazon, you should register it with each of the states where you are going to sell.
  • Branding Registrations.  Some giants like Apple won’t let you sell their products on Amazon. Nobody can sell their products without authorization by the brand. If you sell products of restricted brands, you can get suspended because of an IP violation and have serious problems on a legal scale.

Electronic Restrictions

  • Just like with everything, Amazon has restrictions when it comes to selling electronic products on its platform. It does not allow selling fake electronics products on its marketplace and is doing everything to prevent it. It’s better to learn all the regulations before sourcing your products in order to avoid negative consequences.

Here is the list of prohibited electronic products by Amazon:

  • Radio communications products
  • Cell phones or unlocked devices
  • DVD Duplicators
  • Products which do not have serial numbers
  • Micro SIM cards
  • Modified blue-ray players
  • Outdated or expired items
  • And many others

Selling electronic products is a double-edge sword, because it’s both profitable and dangerous since there are lots of sharp edges which may lead to your account suspension. With Got Suspended’s Amazon Reinstatement service, you won’t have to worry about your account deactivation anymore, since we have a huge experience in Amazons seller reinstatements and can help you return your selling privileges in the shortest time!