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We’re willing to bet that you are probably not aware that in China, Amazon handles seller’s accounts completely differently than, for example, in the United States.

The first thing that comes to your mind is:  Come on, seriously?

Don’t worry! Sellers around the world still have the same type of suspensions, and they should implement the same steps for their Amazon account reinstatement. That being said, the situation unravels a bit differently in China. Even though sellers around the world need to implement some preventative actions in advance in order to avoid the painful process of Amazon account reinstatement, they are still losing their business on Amazon every day.

One culprit is sellers opening multiple accounts without much care for Amazon’s policies. This is specifically common with Chinese companies and business owners.

However, for Amazon, it is too hard to detect sellers who are having multiple accounts in China, since most of the Chinese citizens are using VPNs in order to avoid the Great Firewall of China.

We do not wish to discriminate. There is probably the same amount of multiple account issues in every country. However, the Chinese using VPNs every day is what really takes the cake. We are willing to bet that Amazon faces or might face similar issues in every other VPN-dependent country (like Iran).

Precisely because of these VPNs (which Amazon really, really hates!), it is difficult for Amazon to use IP addresses to detect those Chines sellers who are selling their products through multiple accounts. Compared to the United States, the process of Amazon’s bank tracking is not so successful because Chinese banks operate on a whole other level; On top of this, most Chinese sellers are using money-transferring services. Imagine this: there are nearly ninety-five last names for over a billion people; as a result, a huge number of people are operating on Amazon under the same names. What a predicament!

According to Amazon rules, their accounts must be suspended due to these kinds of actions, and it would be really hard for them to have their suspended Amazon seller accounts reinstated. But somehow, they are managing to escape all these problems.

The cost of staff in China is much lower than in Europe or the US; therefore, Chinese sellers can have more employees and use their names to open more seller accounts.

Yes, the Chinese seller is the really lucky ones. Somehow miraculously they manage to avoid any risky situations, compared to American or European sellers.

Another issue that is common in China is counterfeiting activities. Many fake products are made in China, and private labeling practices sometimes make things really complicated. You can’t tell what is private labeled and what is, for lack of a better word, stolen.

With the rapid growth of private labels on Amazon’s platform, sellers should create their own trademarks, copyright patents in order to prevent any issues during operating on Amazon. On their own, we mean do not copy others. Because Amazon will find out and you will end up needing an Amazon account reinstatement. Those sellers who run their business in the United States are familiar with the Intellectual Properties process. In other countries like China, the stage is set a bit differently. Since Amazon is considered to be a worldwide platform, no matter where you are operating, your products are exposed to customers around the world. This means pirates are on the lookout and are always ready to jump on your property and loot your copyrighted products!

If you are interested to know more about Intellectual Property both in the US or abroad, you can check out our Got Suspended. Sometimes you may find yourself accidentally breaking an IP law and getting suspended. We will take care of your suspended Amazon seller account reinstated in no time, and we will educate you on how to avoid such issues in the future.