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In this episode of “Got Suspended Client’s Science of Root Causes,” we will talk about the most frequent and the most annoying suspension that can ever happen on Amazon – inauthentic suspension! Many innocent sellers have been hurt because of this, since in most cases Amazon deactivated their accounts for no reason, but more specifically, for verifying purposes (do not confuse this with verification suspensions).

As you can already presume, Amazon’s inauthentic suspension is not always connected to the authenticity of the product. You can sell real, authentic and verifiable products, and still, get suspended! The thing is, Amazon is a double-checker by nature, which means that even if Amazon doesn’t have a reason to doubt your selling operations, it can still deactivate your account and ask for details. This is what Amazon wants you to provide – additional information concerning your products and supply chain.

Pay attention to the following: no one excluded suspensions because of selling wrong/fake/non-verifiable products! So, if you sold products like that, admit your mistake. Otherwise, you won’t reinstate your account. And DON’T make fake invoices; Amazon will find out!

What to Do?

If you want to succeed, you should first and foremost inspect your account. It’s a fifty-fifty situation: Amazon suspended you either because of verification purposes, or because of selling fake products, so you have to find out!

Inspect your account, go up and down, scroll through your listings, all the negative (and even positive) feedback that you received, and so forth. In other words, leave no stone unturned until you find something that might really help. If your account is crystal clear, then you can start the appealing process.


What to Say?

If there were no mistakes and no factors that could have caused a situation like that, make sure you don’t insult or blame Amazon for the problems it has caused. Just tell the Seller Performance Team that you inspected your account, verified your supply chain, and are now ready to provide Amazon with all the information that you have.


What if the Customer Received a Wrong Product?

In this case, Amazon wants to hear that you failed to review your listings and detail page. That you ignored its policies and guidelines, and that the customer service was impaired. Just be polite and patient…and admit your mistake!

Unfortunately, even buyers don’t see the difference between authentic products and products that they actually received. There were many cases when Amazon customer received a wrong product, but reported on an Amazon seller for selling fake products; don’t ask why!

If you’re having problems with Amazon, don’t lose your temper, and don’t insult this online marketplace! We at Got Suspended Clients highly recommend that you calm down and concentrate on the appeal letter that you’re going to send to Amazon’s Seller Performance Team. If you feel that you just can’t keep doing this over and over again, shine the Bat Signal and we will be there in a few seconds. Seriously, just give us a call and we will bring your account back!