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First of all, keep in mind that inauthentic does not mean  you are selling fake or counterfeit products. Sometimes, Amazon just wants to ensure that all your goods are coming from valid suppliers. If it has any doubts regarding this, you will be greeted with an Amazon account suspension.

So, your main goal is to prove to Amazon that you are working solely with brands (manufacturers) or their authorized distributors. Therefore, try to do your best to provide Amazon with all the necessary documentation, such as letters of authorization and invoices. Invoices play a crucial role in Amazon’s decision whether to reinstate your account or not.


But first, let’s try to understand how you can get inauthentic suspensions if you are selling genuine products only.


It’s not for nothing that an inauthentic suspension is considered to be one of the most commonly-received types of suspensions. There are one thousand and one reasons why you can get hit with an inauthentic suspension. But the most commons are:


  • The item is not as described
  • The item does not have the expected quality
  • It seems like the item is not genuine
  • And many, many others


Keep in mind that there is only one escape from all the issues: showing Amazon that even though you received an inauthentic suspension, your products are coming from valid supply chains and you have the proof Amazon needs.


What Does Amazon Want to See?

The perfect supplier in the eyes of Amazon is as follows: It has a physical address, phone numbers, and an official webpage. All this information should allow Amazon to easily reach out to your supplier and check its validity.  If your supplier meets the following requirements, then you can breathe with relief since your chances of getting reinstated are very high.

You may probably want to ask: “But what if I can’t provide Amazon with information on my suppliers?” And here comes the trickiest part. From this point on, we at Got Suspended? advise that you entirely change the structure of your business and come up with a completely new strategy which should be included on your Plan of Action.


Lending a Hand to Amazon Sellers

In most cases when sellers receive inauthentic suspensions, they are not able to handle it by themselves due to lack of experience. However, you should not worry about your suspension we at Got Suspended Clients are always ready to help you not only solve all the issues with your suppliers but also provide you with a professional Plan of Action for your account’s fast reinstatement. Do not hesitate to reach out us, book a call, and we’ll handle your reinstatement process with top professionalism!

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