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Amazon, what a lovely place to sell your products, earn money, and make a profit.

We at Got Suspended agree! This is the best part of having an eCommerce business. However, little do you know that Amazon has some certain restrictions, which means that our limitless opportunities aren’t so limitless after all. We should follow Amazon’s carefully devised policies, and that is when our selling career will be promising. Our Amazon appeal service starts its tour of Amazon and its dark and forbidden corners!

More Prohibited Products!

Now, what do you know about Amazon Restricted Products? In our numerous articles, we have thoroughly described how restricted items work, and how we can deal with them without too many headaches. The thing is, Amazon is obsessed with pleasing its customers, and to boost their confidence, it has imposed restrictions. This means that some products cannot be listed on Amazon without proper permission.

They include but are not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and COVID-19 supplies. This helps Amazon manage its sellers and their products because it strives to safeguard its platform from inauthentic, dangerous, and other questionable products.

Fire in the Sky!

And now, let us introduce you to one of the products Amazon doesn’t allow its sellers to list on their accounts – fireworks! Even though these shimmering, sparkly devices can come and light up your entire Amazon account, they are after all explosive pyrotechnic devices which can be too dangerous for people if not properly used. They are also a common culprit in many riots and uprisings. Of course, there are certain online platforms from which you buy these slices of fire.  Amazon, however, is not one of them.

Amazon takes its customer service seriously, and every action it takes is aimed at suspending sellers that do not obey its rules. So now, let us tell you a short story about a seller who found Amazon’s seller forum and posted links to fireworks listings. Guess what happened to that seller and their posts? They are all gone. The seller has had their seller account suspended, posts are removed. It almost feels like the seller combusted into thin air like the fireworks they sold!

Playing by Both Books

In the U.S., there are certain laws that restrict firework sales.  They have eased over time, but one thing remains unchanged – Amazon. There are certain reasons for that, especially when it comes to delivery. As you know, Bezos and USPS (US Postal Service) have some agreements, which basically means that apart from its own delivery network, Amazon works with USPS. The latter principally refuses to ship most fireworks.

It’s not only about its customers, it is about Amazon employees and its warehouses.  When moving and packing thousands of items per hour, Amazon employees do not have time to be overly neat; speed is their only friend! This is why various accidents may happen to Amazon employees and warehouses if they handle fireworks. One spark goes up and BOOM!

Amazon doesn’t want to take any damages, and what is more important, it does not spend money on compensation and reconstruction. It has never experienced damage because of a bear spray, how can we even talk about fireworks after this?  This is the reason this e-commerce giant has launched the construction of buildings that can be adapted to hazardous goods.

In one word, be careful and your account will never go up in flames. Our Amazon reinstatement service will help you with all the difficult and complicated cases; however, it is better to know from the get-go and never fall into the trap. Fireworks are cool and fun, and so are you, let your colors burst on Amazon, and soon you will find yourself on the apex of the e-commerce world!