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Amazon Policies Sellers Should Know About

By April 30, 2021No Comments

To become a better seller on Amazon, you need to know everything about Amazon Policies. Once you know how a company works and what it expects, you can plan your actions according to its needs.

We need to say that Amazon has a capricious and quite impulsive nature when it comes to sellers. Why? Because there’s nothing more important than customers’ feelings and their shopping experience on Amazon. If something is done in a wrong or unlawful way, Amazon will let its seller know about that by taking actions against them! If you don’t want to learn the hard way, you need to know about policies, and we will help you with that!

Amazon has numerous program policies that should be followed by sellers. This is the non-exhaustive list of Amazon Program Policies:

  • Amazon Seller Code of Conduct
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Conditions of Use
  • Customer Product Reviews Policies
  • Monitor Your Account Health
  • Referral Fees Reimbursement Policy
  • Standards for Brands Selling in the Amazon Store
  • Supply Chain Standards
  • Amazon Services Provider – Program Policies
  • Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy
  • Amazon Intellectual Property Policy
  • Trademark Usage Guidelines
  • Unsuitable inventory investigations policy
  • Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy
  • Amazon Policy on Reference Prices
  • ASIN creation policy
  • Category and Product Restrictions
  • Product Detail Page Rules
  • Product Guidelines
  • Prohibited Product Claims
  • Restricted Products Policy
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Policies
  • Drop Shipping Policy
  • U. Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Agreement
  • Tax Calculation Service Terms
  • Tax policies
  • Tax Registration Agreement VAT Agreement
  • Taxes and regulations with Amazon Global Selling

Yes, Amazon is literally filled with policies, and believe it or not, you need to learn each of them by heart!

However, we will talk about the main policies of Amazon which most often get your Amazon account suspended!

Amazon Seller Code of Conduct

This is what Amazon says about Seller Code of Conduct: all sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on Amazon. Seller offenses and prohibited content can result in suspension of your Amazon account.

This policy regulates everything about information that you provide on Amazon, your fair and honest actions, reviews, feedback, communication, selling process and so much more! On Amazon, this is considered as the source of all other policies, similar to the constitution.

If you want to be the best in Amazon policies, you have to learn this right off the bat – Seller Code of Conduct shows you the main idea of selling on Amazon. Everything else is specified in other policies.

Communication Guidelines

Amazon pays attention to the communication between its customers and sellers. The platform wants to make sure you talk to customers only when it is needed, and that you do that in the right way. In order to avoid getting suspended, writing an Amazon appeal and stressing out, you should know how to talk to Amazon’s source of income.

This is what Amazon thinks about its communication guidelines: this policy is meant to protect buyers from fraud and abuse, and to protect you from unscrupulous actions from your competitors. Raising the bar for all communications to buyers benefits all our selling partners, resulting in a stronger marketplace.

Customer Product Reviews Policies

Another Amazon policy that you need to pay attention to is customer product review policy. We shouldn’t tell you how important customer reviews are because you have definitely experienced firsthand! However, if you want to know what Amazon can review do to you and your account, read this article about their huge and devastating effect!

As you know, Amazon has the most customer-centric policy out of all platforms. This is why their opinions matter here! This is what Amazon actually says about reviews: Amazon Customers use these reviews to learn more about the product, assess whether it fits their needs, and make an informed purchase decision.”


In this article, we presented only three main policies of Amazon. These three almost always get Amazon sellers suspended, so start from those, and only then start learning other Amazon policies.

If you have found your Amazon account suspended, and don’t know how to write an Amazon appeal, just contact our appeal service for help. We don’t give an Amazon appeal letter sample: we create it specially for you, so hurry up!