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Getting Suspended on Amazon is one of those things that an Amazon appeal service like ours at Got Suspended Clients writes about all the time. It’s super easy to get suspended, as well as becoming the victim of fraud or dishonest actions. However, it remains the case that more and more people are facing the harsh reality of selling on Amazon and have no choice rather than appeal their suspension. If you have read our recent blogs here, you probably noticed that bringing a suspended seller account back is sometimes a lost cause. Over time, it became easier for Amazon employees to send generic answers to the appeal letters, which are not only non-informative but also look like basic templates lying in every Amazon employee’s computer. Copy and paste, rinse, and repeat.

Amazon appeal services like Got Suspended Clients know that the best way to win this case is escalated it. In one of our recent blogs, we have talked about the art of escalating, and that a suspended seller should start this process gradually, beginning with people with a higher status, like the Executive Seller Relations team or senior investigators. This hierarchy of people, however, comes down to one person, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. If the issue with your appeals and their response has gone too far, you should try to contact the top dog and talk to him.

It’s Not Actually Bezos You’ll Be Talking To

We know that this thing with writing to Bezos himself may sound bizarre and out of the ordinary. However, for some sellers, this is the only way to get out of the dense Amazon seller account suspension woods. You only have one chance to make Jeff listen to you, so you should do everything by the book in order to be properly heard and addressed. Since almost every seller knows about the opportunity to reach the apex of Amazon, Jeff’s email is snowed under thousands of letters from Amazon sellers, if not millions. You’ll have to mark time until he responds. Even if he does, it won’t actually be him! Did you really think the owner of a multi-billion-dollar company will actually take the time to respond to individual sellers? Neither did we! It’s actually a team that responds on his behalf.

Since “Jeff Bezos” is overwhelmed, your letter should be concise but informative, full of evidence, and accurate information about your Amazon seller suspension.  You should point out that selling on Amazon is something worth fighting for and that the steps described in your Plan of Actions have been taken and will be followed. You should prove that the Seller Performance Team had all the necessary documents and information for a perfect reinstatement, however, the scenario didn’t go as it was planned and now you are here, writing to Jeff, showing that his employees were acting unprofessional and that none of your Plans of Actions were taken seriously. However, if you haven’t even tried to appeal your suspension with the Seller Performance Team, and you just want to speed up the process, no one will take you seriously, and you will be left with nothing, but a suspended account.

Long story short, Got Suspended Clients wants you to be confident in everything you do. It seems like Amazon is smelling fear, and suspends the sellers who are most afraid of it. If you are having problems with writing a concise and accurate Plan of Actions, or you are still receiving generic responses, Got Suspended Clients is happy to help, since this is what Amazon appeal services should do. No seller should tolerate a suspended account, and Amazon’s reinstatement service will do its best to help you with your suspension.