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Amazon is a unique place, where you, as an ordinary person, can fulfill a ton of your business dreams and desires. For example, if you need a rare product which is almost impossible to find, guess what? Amazon has it! If you have cool products that have the potential to bring you big profits, you can sell them on Amazon. See, everything is possible! But let us tell you one thing, you can even buy an Amazon seller account! Yes, even though it may sound strange or bizarre, it’s possible to purchase an account and make use of all the efforts the previous owner has made!

How is buying account related to suspensions? Watch this space to learn!

It’s more and more popular these days to buy an already formed and operated account on Amazon. If you’re thinking about that, you’re completely normal. A lot of people opt for this. That being said, this is very risky. There are few things that you should consider before buying an account, because much depends on it, including your career and income!

History, It’s Important!

First of all, you should ask the owner to show you their sales history, how many years the business has been operating, and other related details. It’s a no-brainer that no one would ever want to purchase an account with a bad customer flow and low sales history, so make sure you know that beforehand! Also, if you notice that for some period of time there were suspiciously no sales, then the account was probably suspended! Trust, you don’t want to purchase a previously-suspended account…unless you want the thrill of shooting yourself in the foot!

Apart from sales history, there’s also account history which is a very important factor to consider. The account may be suspended at the moment, or was suspended many times before the owner made the decision of selling it. Unfortunately, you can become the victim of a deception, and buy an already deactivated account on Amazon. Apart from that, Amazon never forgets its enemies, which means that if the account was once suspended, it is likely to get suspended again! So be careful, check the account health section, go through account metrics, and inspect the account, because dishonest people are everywhere!

Gaps in Supply Chain are Unacceptable

If you have already read our blogs, you know that many suspensions happen because of faulty supply chains that sellers use. They can source their products from an unreliable distributor, or what’s worse, buy their products from Walmart, which is not only unacceptable, but also quite suspendable! So, check their supply chain. You never know, maybe they are sourcing products from fly-by-night companies, or maybe they operate their business under another business model (private label, online arbitrage, suppliers). To know more about these business models and risks of suspensions, check our website!

Everything Happens for a Reason

Why do people decide to buy Amazon accounts? It’s very simple! It’s less time-consuming, and fewer effort is needed to operate them. So logically, the one who’s selling the account also has a reason as well.

It can be everything: maybe they need money ASAP, or maybe they are tired of being an Amazon seller, but don’t want the Amazon account to go to waste. These reasons are seemingly pretty innocent for you to buy the account, but what if there are serious problems because which account is being sold?

You now know about the risks of buying an Amazon seller account. Just be confident, and conduct your own investigation. We can’t make the decision of buying or not buying an Amazon account for you, but our word of caution is to avoid the risk of suspension and get a new account of your own instead!

Suspensions are everywhere across this marketplace, so be careful. If you have questions, or a suspended account, contact Got Suspended Clients and we will streamline your reinstatement process while educating you on what it takes to be an avid Amazon seller!