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Today, at Got Suspended Clients we will talk about something very common in eCommerce – Amazon automated pricing tool. Nowadays, automation is one of the most vital elements of selling online, however, it’s not so innocent as it seems! But for now, let’s talk about its advantages and only talk about the worst part!

What is Automated Pricing?

For those who didn’t know, automated pricing is a tool that helps sellers stay competitive and gain more profits. It offers you not only services that regulate the prices of your products, but it also helps you win the race against other buy-box-striving Amazon sellers!

Advantages of Automated Pricing

Winning the Buy Box is Around the Corner

Let’s face it: people change the price of their products every single day, and you know why? Because they want to win the buy box! However, if you use automated pricing, you will keep your finger on the pulse of all events! What’s more, you will always have the best price in the market, even when you’re not monitoring it manually!

You’ll Be More Visible!

Automated pricing is not just about pricing, even though it is… To avoid confusion, this is what it does:

  • It regulates your pricing
  • It makes sure you’re always competitive
  • It helps you win the buy box

And guess what, if you win the Buy Box, you will become more visible!

Save Your Time and Nerves!

Let’s be honest, we’re not living in the “manual” century anymore! Everything is either done by automated software or by us, only this time, with the help of automation! If you want to act fast, react to the potential changes that happen like a bat out of hell and have a profitable business, then using automation is just for you!

Why You SHOULDN’T Use Automated Pricing

Just like everything else in the entire world, automated pricing has its disadvantages. Even though all those pros sound promising and show potential, you should always take into account all the drawbacks that automation has!

No Human Errors, Just Glitches!

Automated pricing can make or break your business, and almost everything depends on the way it works. Yes, we all love automation, but is it really worth it? Even though using automated pricing eliminates the risk of human errors, it’s not free from glitches and technical errors that can occur anytime in the program!

If you become the victim of glitches, you will lose your customers, your money and profits, and in some certain cases, you risk losing your Amazon seller account…More on that later!

You Won’t Notice New Opportunities!

Do you know why? Because setting the lowest price for winning the Buy Box will help you only in certain cases! In general, you will lose profit: the money that you could have spent on something significant will be lost!  However, if you miss the chance to make your sales at a mind blowing higher price, you will regret, and you will regret a lot!

You May Lose Your Account

As we said, automated pricing is not so perfect as it’s demonstrated! It’s not free from things like glitches or errors, and they can be even hacked! However, the problem is way bigger than you thought!

Automated pricing can lower your price to an extent where you can’t control the situation! In this case, you will most probably have problems with a policy that is directly connected to minimum advertised price! Minimum Advertised Price, or otherwise called, MAP is a policy that ensures sellers don’t sell the products of a certain brand lower than the established “minimum price!”

This will in turn lead to an Amazon suspension. You will simply receive a letter from Amazon stating that your account is deactivated and that you lost your selling privileges! So, be careful with automated pricing, it can do stuff!

In Case You Got Suspended…

Here’s what you can do to fix the situation:

  • You can always appeal by yourself. To do so, visit our blog section, educate yourself on the matter and act!
  • If you feel that you need some additional help, contact us and our writers will handle this case for you!
  • S. The best Amazon suspension appeal is guaranteed!
  • Don’t panic, it doesn’t help!
  • Rely on professionals!