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Selling on Amazon is fascinating, especially when you start getting the hang of it, and feel how sales affect your profits! This is actually a very common thing that happens among sellers who are legitimately selling their products and enjoying their selling lives! However, sometimes these sellers think that having one selling account is not enough!

This is when Amazon sellers open their second (or maybe third) account on Amazon, not even realizing what awaits them in the near future! This happens due to lack of knowledge and experience on Amazon, and we totally understand that! That’s why our specialists know how to educate sellers and how to write the appeals in order to reactivate Amazon seller account!

However, let’s not talk about our Amazon reinstatement services for now! Let’s talk about the actual topic, which is having Amazon multiple seller accounts.

Is It Legal to Have More Than One Account?


This is one of the most asked questions! As we said, everyone wants to operate more businesses on Amazon, everyone wants to earn a fortune!

As we said, the answer is “Depends! ” It’s more a “no” than a “yes”, but still, having two or more accounts is possible! As you may know, Amazon is filled with rules, regulations, guidelines and policies, and this case is not an exception either!

If sellers want to have two or more accounts, they need to follow Amazon’s policies. This means that if you just open up a new selling account, and think that Amazon won’t find out, you will probably get suspended! In other words, Amazon will detect that you are using multiple accounts (instead of one and without following the established requirements) and undoubtedly, stop your seller privileges! Do you want them to be temporarily deactivated? Of course, no!

But getting suspended is not the worst part! If one account goes down, all accounts do the same! If the new one is suspended, your old and probably profitable account will be suspended too!

So, if you want to have more than one account, and operate them LEGITIMATELY on Amazon, you need to follow Amazon’s guidelines!

More specifically, you will need to contact Amazon Seller Performance first. Just do that and open a case with them. This way, you will be requesting permission from them.

Then, you will need to wait! Grab your patience and staying power, and wait! If permission of having multiple accounts is granted, you are free to create your second account. Don’t forget that you need to create separate entities for each of your accounts. This means that you need to include different information: different bank account, address, and other details regarding your business. Otherwise, your accounts will simply get linked and suspended!

What’s more, Amazon literally shows when and how you can own multiple accounts. These situations include:

  • Owning multiple brands and maintaining separate businesses for each.
  • Manufacturing products for two distinct and separate companies.
  • Being recruited for an Amazon program that requires separate accounts.

To finish this paragraph, we will show you what Amazon thinks about multiple accounts and what it can do when something goes wrong:

“You may only maintain one Seller Central account for each region in which you sell unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing. If any of your accounts are not in good standing, we may deactivate all of your selling accounts until all accounts are in good standing.”

Linked Suspension

As we said, your accounts can get linked. To better understand what we’re talking about, we will focus on the following situation:

Person A has a seller account on Amazon. One day, after realizing the potential of sales on Amazon, A’s sister (person B) decides to start an Amazon business as well. However, since A and B live in the same house, share the same Wi-Fi spot, IP address, and the same computer, their accounts become related to each other and Amazon suspends both of them!


This is a vivid example of linked accounts suspension. In other words, Amazon’s software thinks that these two accounts are owned by one person who violated Amazon’s rules, and gets the account suspended!


Now that you know how operating an Amazon business works, start operating yours legitimately and by the book! If you need help regarding your account, Amazon suspensions or Amazon in general, contact us and our specialists will take care of you!