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Amazon is full of secrets, especially when it comes to its sellers and their selling methods. Selling methods are different; however, not all of them are right! That’s why Amazon has special techniques to fix the situation and provide Amazon customers with the best customer service.

You probably know that Amazon suspends its sellers for doing the wrong things, and you probably know that these suspensions are really hard to appeal. However, you may not know that sometimes Amazon gets crazy and suspends you for various reasons at the same time! These cases are extremely hard to reinstate, because at this point Amazon becomes too merciless to handle! Not for us, though! If they are merciless, we are resilient!

When Can It Happen?

It can happen every time you do something wrong! There are actually various reasons why suspensions happen and why they become even worse, and we will show you how exactly everything works here!

First of all, you do something wrong on Amazon, obviously! These are all the possible scenarios that can happen to you as a seller:

  • You start selling products without proper authorization. This, by the way, can lead to an inauthentic suspension.
  • You’re sourcing products from counterfeiters, and therefore, sell counterfeit products!
  • You mess up with the product page description, and as a result, customers get something they didn’t even expect. This is a huge problem across Amazon sellers, since not everyone is well aware of the keywords and detail page rules on Amazon!
  • You sell products that are prohibited on Amazon. And yes, there are certain products which you are not allowed to sell!
  • Products that you offer are defective or damaged.
  • Products arrived late, you received negative feedback or the products were damaged during the delivery. Put yourself in customers’ shoes, would you be happy with what you got?
  • Products were expired. Nothing is worse than old products, especially when it comes to cosmetics and skin care products!
  • You changed information on your Amazon seller account, and Amazon noticed something suspicious.
  • Your sales drastically increase and Amazon thinks that something rogue is happening! Just think about it, from a software’s point of view, you earn a fortune out of nowhere! This can seem really fishy, especially if you just created your account!
  • You infringed on the Intellectual Property rights of the brand.
  • Amazon found your account related to another Amazon store. This is strictly prohibited on Amazon, by the way!
  • You violate any of Amazon’s policies or guidelines. One violation is enough to get a suspension!

Secondly, you need to put wrong information in your appeal, and voila, a disaster is created!

A Pinch of Fake Information, Please!

There are times when Amazon sellers understand that they have thrown away invoices (don’t!), don’t have them or that they are unverifiable. This is when panic comes to the scene! This is when these sellers decide to put wrong information, fake the documents and lie to Amazon in any other way. This is when they know that there’s “only one way” to save themselves out of this horrible situation.  However, this is not a really good idea, since Amazon will get even crazier and suspend you not only for one of the mentioned reasons, but also for forged or manipulated documents!

If This Truth Didn’t Work, The Other One Certainly Will!

What’s even worse, some sellers forget about their previous appeal that was rejected and therefore, include completely different details in the new one. For example, in the first appeal a seller doesn’t have authorization from the brand, while the second appeal says that the real reason for suspension was the courier who damaged the products. In any case, this is not a lottery ticket, you can’t just throw it away when you don’t win! This is the moment you need to stick to one global truth and show Amazon why and when this suspension happened!

As you can already understand, Amazon can’t stand liars. You know why? Because rogue sellers can’t participate in the process of providing customer service, and Amazon will do everything that’s possible in order to please its customers!

Is There Any Solution?

Of course! All you need is knowledge and skills that will help you create the perfect appeal! However, if you don’t feel that you’re ready to appeal a suspension, or even tried to do so but didn’t succeed, you can always rely on professionals in the field! Our specialists at Got Suspended Clients will create an appeal for you and your business that will stand out with to-the-point root cause, preventative actions and perfect wording! So, contact us for more information, and we will reinstate your case with our eyes closed!