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Every Amazon appeal service and e-commerce company worth it’s salt is committed to regurgitating facts and possible reasons that may lead to Amazon seller suspensions. What we at Got Suspended know is that it’s not always about selling inauthentic products, infringing intellectual property rights or changing information in your Amazon account; sometimes, it is more than that, and soon you will see it with your own eyes. We want to break stereotypes and show that Amazon account suspension is something bigger and that knowing “the perfect formula” to a suspension-less career is not enough. To discover the rest of the iceberg, we decided to uncover its secrets right here for you, devoted Amazon sellers.

It is worth to mention that the mistakes we describe in the following article will eventually generate the cliché reasons we were talking about above. Simple actions shape big consequences, be careful with the e-commerce steps you are taking every day!

Put Your Heart and Soul into Your Inventory

You are an Amazon seller, which means you’re selling goods to Amazon customers, and thereby, making a profit. It’s not rocket science that one of the main sources of income in your inventory, which is, to our regret, frequently ignored by Amazon sellers. Why is inventory so important? First of all, it is your main income; Amazon customers pay you because they want to obtain your products. Moreover, mismanagement of inventory may kill your account in a heartbeat, if you don’t track it. If you don’t know how many units you have in your inventory, how can you confirm orders? This is how customer service fails, negative feedback starts spreading like cancer, and soon, your account will die because of the disease we’re all afraid of, suspension! But, we’re here to cure it, so don’t worry!

Listing Won’t Make It Without You

Even though Amazon customers care about products and their prices, that doesn’t make them blind. It is easy as pie to identify a slipshod and careless listing; low-quality images, poor product descriptions, a lack of keywords, and features speak for themselves.  Meanwhile, a seller with perfect listings enjoys all the benefits of selling online, because good listings buy customers’ attention and take away their money…legally!

PPC Campaigns: Leave No Stone Unturned

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.” You will experience failure if you launch PPC campaigns right away, without fully understanding their ins and outs, pros and cons, and effects on your e-commerce business. The worst part about launching PPC campaigns right off the bat is that you will never receive any considerable returns, which means you will be left with nothing. When you have no returns, your financial resources slowly decrease and soon disappear; how are you going to manage delivery, prep, and pack processes without a financial pillar? This will lead you not only to financial collapse but also to the Amazon seller suspended account.

These are three of the newest and most original reasons that can leave you with a suspension, and your selling career highly depends on them. Even though all of us consider Amazon a monster trying to destroy us, it is really helpful to follow Amazon’s rules and policies because chances of making a profit on Amazon are higher when you act like a real Amazonian. Our Amazon appeal service will continue educating you on how to live a happy Amazon life, without obstacles and difficulties.