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By jumping into the Amazon business, most sellers are especially concentrating on landing pages’ optimization and diving traffic, by ignoring vital aspects like a product’s description. A carefully-written and correctly-chosen description is a key point of successful operation on Amazon. So, if you want to significantly boost your sales on this platform, then you have to put all your efforts into creating a killer description for your products.

Unfortunately, most Amazon sellers do not pay enough attention to this minor but very important detail, due to their lack of knowledge in this sphere. Therefore, Got Suspended Clients has prepared full guidelines on how to create super descriptions for your listings.

Create a Fantasy

As a rule, when the customers read a product’s description, they start fantasizing about using that product. So, your main job is to make people dream about your product when they are reading its description. Try to make them think about positive changes that this product will bring to their life.

Along with technical details of your product, customers also want to know how this product will change their life, once they receive it at their doorstep.


In the process of creating your product’s description, you have to turn into a journalist, since you should catch your customers’ attention by using special methods like 5Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why. Generally, journalists use this method in order to catch readers’ attention, by telling facts from their life. And based on those facts, you can show the customers why they should buy this product right here and right now!

  • First of all, you have to figure out for whom this product is designed.
  • Then, you have to include the main facts about your product(s).
  • After that, you should help the buyer understand where they can use this product. Show a proper occasion where this product will suit 100%.
  • Next, you have to show the buyer when he or she can use the product.
  • Your final mission is, to convince your customer why they need this product.


After completing all the above-mentioned tips, your next step should be to show the customer how the product works, and how it can improve their everyday life. We fully recommend you to include a short tutorial on how to use it. The customer wants to see the product in use, in order to understand why they should buy it. Right?

Once you have implemented all the above-mentioned requirements, you will see positive results within a few days!

The Importance of Bullet Points!

Let’s agree, that not every customer likes to spend time reading long and boring prose about your products. So, you have to create something more interesting and eye-catching. We advise you to take a closer look at bullet points. These will help you highlight the main points of your product’s description, which will catch your customers’ attention. Once you catch the reader’s attention with bullet points, they will continue to read the whole text, and will be devoted to your product if you’ve done good writing. The combination of bullet points and short sentences will play out pretty well for you.

Another crucial part refers to your uniqueness. Keep in mind that you should stay away from using other sellers’ verbiage, or images, since it is going to be a perfect storm for your account’s deactivation. You will not only have to deal with Amazon, but also with the complainant party, in order to reinstate your selling privileges. Or you can opt for an easier way! Contact Got Suspended Clients team, and we will not only help in your account’s reinstatement, but also answer all the questions about how to run a successful and safe business on Amazon! We have a lot of other insight available for you as well!