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Every seller knows that for selling products on a platform like Amazon, they have to list them on their product page first. Even though novice sellers are unaware of the steps they should take to create a listing, Amazon shows them the right path; but still, there are several secrets that Amazon hides.

Today, together with us at Got Suspended Clients, you will see and understand all the features of perfect bullet points, and how they can affect your metrics! Suspensions can happen from anything, so don’t underestimate Amazon’s power in shutting down your listings.

Secrets Revealed

Bullet points should be unique, but at the same time very “searchable” among Amazon customers. So basically, it’s an art that will be developed over time. And rest assured, that time will come.

Keyword Research Mistakes

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you should know about keyword optimization, or in other words, keyword research. You go and find the most searchable and at the same time, attractive and unique keywords, use them in your bullet points and drive traffic to your Amazon store; easy! But do what sellers do that leads them to suspensions?

Most of the sellers get easily confused because of the vast number of keywords that exist on this eCommerce platform. That’s why many of them decide not to worry, and instead, copy other sellers’ bullet points and use them under their listings. What can we say? It automatically becomes an infringement, a potential future copyright claim! If you disrespect seller rights and use their creation, their work and their effort, you’ll be in trouble with the law, and with Amazon! A suspended account is guaranteed in that case!

Keywords Matter

Another mistake that Amazon sellers make all the time is usually called irrelevant keywording. In this case, Amazon sellers find a bunch of useful keywords, and want to use each and every one that they have. Keywords matter, and they just want to stuff their listings with as much as possible. Usually it looks like nonsense, something incomprehensible and confusing! This leads to a number of severe problems, such as customers ordering products but getting something different from what they did. And in some cases, not ordering at all because they don’t know what the product is.

Nobody Reads These Days…

You see, Amazon customers are used to convenience, and most likely, they won’t spend their time trying to decipher your bullet points (if they are ridiculously long bullet points). In this case, we separate customers into two groups: the first group skips your listings, and finds another, more convenient one. Meanwhile, the second group orders your product anyway and gets disappointed. While the first case leads to losing customers, the second one leads to disappointment and negative feedback, so be careful!

Even though the word “bullet” gives an impression of something violent, your listings should be organized for the sake of your business’s success. The end result should be pleasing for you, and convenient for an Amazon customer; no one wants to go nuclear and explode! Just find the right keywords, and use them wisely; the rest is like shooting fish in a barrel!

If you got suspended either way and need help from a professional appeal service, get in touch with us at Got Suspended Clients, and let’s reinstate your seller account ASAP!