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Amazon has strict policies that are meant to be the North stars for its sellers. It’s a no-brainer that the ones who don’t follow Amazon’s rules will be punished and their punishment will come as a suspension, which means they will have to have their Amazon accounts reinstated. Rules are meant to be broken, but not in this case. When you work with Amazon, rules of the game change; the court is Amazon’s platform, where you sell products and in which punishment is justice for the unjust. One of our goals here at Got Suspended is to keep the sellers posted on Amazon’s secrets and tricks of the trade. Now let’s talk about Blocked ASIN Complaints and how you can get your Amazon account reinstated if you ever get hit!

Blocked ASIN Complaints can occur because of numerous reasons, but most often Amazon will block your ASINs if you sell or even ship expired or used items to Amazon’s customers. It’s easy to notice, thus an online complaint is around the corner.

As we already said, one of the most common cases is having blocked ASIN complaints. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) consists of a 10-character numeric identifier, which is unique for every single product listed on Amazon. The hardest part about this vital element of Amazon is that it has a creation limit, which is set by Amazon itself. But why does it happen?

In reality, this is because Amazon is a customer-orientated company. Everyone is obsessed with hopping on Amazon because it truly cares about its customers. Now, to provide its customers with a stunning experience, Amazon limits the creation numbers. In order to have the best customer service and more profits, Amazon “unlimits” the number for sellers who have good sales history so they don’t have to make new listings. But this sounds too good to be true. In fact, Amazon wants to prevent errors, for which it continuously inspects the status of the product.

Remember about those strict policies? Here’s one of them!

Ever wondered how Amazon creates these kinds of policies? Well, no one knows. We do know that there is a method behind the madness. However, we should follow its policies and everything will be totally fine. Wait, what was I saying? Policies, right. One of Amazon’s policies concerning the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers is the Duplicate ASIN Creation Policy. The main point of this policy is that you can’t create a new ASIN with a product that already exists on Amazon. If you do this, Amazon can easily remove your selling privileges and have your account suspended, which is not the best outcome for this situation. For increasing the traffic, Amazon won’t pay attention to your ASIN if you duplicate the listing. Instead, it will combine your details with already-listed products, because of which dice will be loaded against you.

As we already said, it’s important for us as an Amazon account reinstatement service to educate Amazon sellers. We at Got Suspended help millions of sellers in having their suspended Amazon seller accounts reinstated. It’s always better to know the ropes yourself, though. That’s why we encourage everyone to study up and even trying their shot at convincing Amazon to let the suspension go. In this case, you now know how Blocked ASIN Complaints occur and how the ASIN system works. If you still have an issue over reinstating your Amazon account thanks to a blocked ASIN, all you need to is leave it to us at Got Suspended and we’ll guide you through the process in a professional manner!

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