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Let us start by saying that the end result of both is the same: operating safely on Amazon, especially after having another account suspended. The keyword here is “safe” and we at Got Suspended? are going to discuss which one of these two methods is safest for your Amazon adventures.


Old Information Is Dangerous


Even though an Amazon stealth account is called “stealth,” there is a danger looming when you create it. That danger is what we here like to call “linkage.” Let us explain:

Amazon accounts getting linked are pretty much a nightmare. It’s like having headphones tangled magically in your pocket. You were sure they weren’t tangled, but they somehow ended up like that.

At this point, you might be wondering: “How can accounts get linked if one of them is a stealth account?”

The answer to your question is A9. Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm is designed to seek out linked accounts like the Terminator was sent out to seek John Connor. There’s no throwing curves at A9. Even though you think your stealth account is completely isolated from your main account, there are definitely little details that can get accounts linked. This could either be an address, a name, a phone number, and even an IP address. Things you would never in a thousand years think would get you linked.


That’s where Multimarket Isolation comes in.


Going Around A9


After you are suspended and you decide to create a new account, you need to do it in a way where there is no information match between your old, suspended account, and your new one. Multimarket Isolation offers this possibility. Now, obviously, there are secrets of the trade at work here, but to put things simply:

With multimarket account isolation, A9 will not be able to link your new account to your old one. It’s not like there’s an invisibility cloak on your new one, it’s just that there’s no matching information. This is a strategy that is unique to Got Suspended?, and if you’re looking to set up a second Amazon account from scratch, this method is your way to go.

Together with our partners at Prestige Auditors, we will help you set everything up correctly right from the scratch, and you can continue reaping the benefits of Amazon’s platform as a seller!



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