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Many Amazon sellers have been reported that Amazon allegedly no longer requires approvals for sellers who want to have more than one account on the platform. While Amazon has not made any official statements regarding this policy as of yet, its Code of Conduct has been changed and currently states that there is no need to get approval for having multiple accounts.

Having multiple accounts has always been a conflicting topic on Amazon, with strict policies and regulations which sellers had to follow for doing this, such as creating a different business entity for each account. However, that policy seems to have changed recently.

This comes at an interesting time where Amazon keeps changing its policies due to implications of COVID-19. The first change was imposing strict regulations of what could be shipped and sold on Amazon (the essential items list), and suspending a large number of accounts on the basis of price gouging.

We recommend sellers keep in mind the previous regulations for opening multiple accounts, as those may have no changed. We will update you as more news comes in from Amazon. In the meantime, stay safe and always remember to run an honest business!