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It’s a rule of thumb that eCommerce sellers always want to try themselves on Amazon, because the most experienced ones know that selling on this platform is a real challenge! This is a challenge in every sense – there’s harsh competition, dishonest sellers, fault-finding customers and what’s more, suspensions that ruin sellers’ nerves and careers.


Mistakes happen all the time, but they can be easily circumvented if you have the right approach and appropriate knowledge. So, if you’re ready to discover the reality of the Amazon world, then continue reading this article, it will help!


Lack of Reliable Suppliers


Invalid suppliers and companies you don’t really know can get your Amazon account suspended within a few minutes! This is why you have to invest much into the process of finding reliable suppliers and finally having a valid supply chain. If you still don’t trust the suppliers you’ve located, then you can contact the original brand and become their authorized resellers. To be honest, this is the most secure way to operate on Amazon, as you have a direct permission from the rights owner!


Just for the record: not having a reliable supply chain will cause you numerous problems related to inauthentic complaints, IP violations, ODR suspensions and so much more.


Negligence Towards Amazon Policies


If you have already started the selling process on Amazon, then you’d better put your account on Vacation Mode and explore all the policies right away! Remember, any inattentive mistake that you can possibly make on Amazon will cost you a business, because you will lose all the inventory that you have, customers you depend on, and the selling privileges that Amazon gives  its sellers. This is why you have to know all the policies by heart, and be honest with yourself!


For example, if you aren’t attentive enough and open a second account on Amazon, you risk losing your seller account. Why? Because the platform will merge Amazon accounts and suspend both of them!


Not Focusing on Competition


Competition is extremely harsh when it comes to Amazon! Because of this, sellers become more dishonest  than they were before selling on Amazon. They always screw up others’ listings, write negative comments, order products and suddenly cancel them, and so much more! There’s one more thing  you should consider: competition is not only because of the customers, but also because of the products. Whose product is the best? Whose products are authentic? Who will win the Buy Box, after all?


Our advice is that you do your product research properly by writing down all the competitors you will or already have! What’s more, you can improve your customer service, and therefore, improve your products’ ratings and reviews! If your products are good enough, ten it’s the perfect time to focus on reviews! For more information on reviews and feedback, read this  article from Got Suspended Clients!


Taking on More Responsibility Than You Can Handle


Most of the sellers are overconfident when it comes to selling on Amazon. This happens because they don’t really know how hard it is to follow Amazon policies, address customers’ issues and do everything in a perfect way all at the same time!


If you feel that you have taken more than you can handle in reality, you can either work with Amazon account management services or choose Amazon FBA to make your life easier. Amazon will take care of the prep, pack and ship processes and you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business. So, always make sure that what you’re doing matches you and your business needs.


As an Amazon appeal service, we would like to tell you one more thing – always have a backup plan when you get suspended. Even if everything is perfectly fine now, you still need to have a plan B, because Amazon is obsessed with suspending its sellers! We are ready to cover you when suspensions make you lose your selling privileges, so contact us whenever you’re ready!