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If there has ever been a time to unite, it is definitely now. With the current situation and the problems which have risen as a result, everyone is stepping up to support each other. From the smaller businesses to large corporations, everyone has joined the cause to counter COVID-19.

So, what can you do as a seller? You may think that the role you play is small; but in reality, it has a bigger impact than you imagine. Here are some steps you can take to help the cause:

  • Avoid price-gouging: Unfortunately, some sellers see this situation as an opportunity to grab some extra cash. They know what products customers need, and they raise the prices. This is not only unethical, it also violates many policies and if caught, will lead to severe consequences, from suspensions to legal action. Keep the price within the standard range, unless manufacturing costs skyrocket and you have no choice but to add to the price.
  • All marketplaces, from Amazon to Walmart, are experiencing trouble in combating rogue sellers because, well, there’s millions of people selling on online platforms and they are hard to keep track of. Amazon for example, has urged everyone on its platform to stay vigilant and report people who are violating fair pricing policies. Now is the time to unite, not compete.
  • Abide by new rules proposed by the marketplaces you’re operating on. Amazon has a new restricted list (available on our website and theirs). Don’t go around it because it will likely cause more problems both for yourself and Amazon’s team. This is not the best time to get suspended, even though we are right here with you if it happens!
  • Try sourcing products that are needed by everyone, especially medical staff. There’s shortage of masks and protective gear, so if you can help provide those for medical personnel fighting at the frontlines, they will be very grateful for it and you will contribute to saving lives.
  • If you are operating any sort of facility, make sure you observe proper hygiene practices so your employees can work in a safe environment. If you have any employees who can do their job from home, have them sent home and work from the safety of their apartments. If anyone get sick, provide them with financial support during their sick period. Have each other’s backs!

Times are tough for everyone, and we need to stand shoulder to shoulder to make the best of a bad situation. Even Jeff Bezos personally sent a letter to all of Amazon’s employees around the globe. His tone was both concerned and uplifting at the same time. If you have people working under you, make sure you are a good leader that they can follow and trust. Keep calm, stay safe, act smart, and together we’ll pull through!