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By staying at home during the pandemic, more and more people get obsessed with their physical health. As a result, Dietary and Supplement products have become very popular on Amazon. However, selling Dietary products on Amazon sometimes can be too laborious. There is high competition in this product category. Amazon, for its sake, tries to create a safe environment for its customers. Selling products in this category can be very dangerous. It’s a slippery slope which can easily have seller accounts suspended and send sellers in search of Amazon reinstatement. However, if you are confident about your product’s quality, you can confidently start your business and turn a good profit. Dietary Supplements include such categories like minerals, nutrients, herbs, and many other products.

Watch Your Back!

If you want to sell supplement products on Amazon, you should be very careful since there are a set of rules that you have to strictly follow. All your products should be carefully described and labeled and meet with Amazon policies. Here is the list of requirements by Amazon. If you don’t follow them, you will not get an approval from Amazon for selling the products in this category.

  • The product has to be new and unpacked
  • The product must be sealed with manufacturer’s packaging and all the necessary codes
  • All the information regarding your product should be in English
  • The component list must be included in the Product
  • Information, concerning distributor, including name, address and phone number
  • The product should not contain any ingredients restricted by the FDA
  • The product must be safe for use

About Detail Pages

Your detail page is also very crucial, so do your best in following these rules:

Make sure you include:

  • The name of your product
  • The list of the ingredients


  • You should not mention that the product is approved by FDA

Try to make sure that you possess all the required documents, and it will be much easier to obtain your approval from Amazon. Since in most cases, Amazon rejects applications.

Selling products of restricted categories is always very risky since if you pull any stunts, you could easily get suspended by Amazon.


When you are dealing with customers’ health, you should be extra careful since Amazon is very strict when it comes to the wellness of its customers. However, if you receive a scary notification from Amazon tell you that they have gone and had your seller account suspended, Our Amazon appeal service can help you with your suspension by drafting a persuasive Plan of Action. Feel free to contact us at Got Suspended, and your suspension will not disturb you anymore.