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Amazon sellers know how important it is to sell on Amazon by following its policies and guidelines. An average Amazon seller knows that once you do something wrong, you get punished for that in the form of Amazon suspensions. This is when we should understand that mastering Amazon policies is like mastering an art: if you don’t have enough knowledge and skills, you will never become a worthy artist! Read carefully all the tips that we give, otherwise, Amazon will deactivate your account, and you’d have to go through the endless loop of trying to contact Amazon seller performance team!

What is Amazon Seller Performance?

In short, seller performance is the team that reviews for policy violations, handles suspensions, ungating requests, claims, etc… If you, as an Amazon seller, get suspended on Amazon, you will have to contact Amazon seller performance. To this very team you should eventually send your appeal letter and by this very team your appeal will probably be rejected if it does not work. In other words, if you get suspended, you need to communicate with the Seller Performance Team.

ATTENTION: anything you say to seller performance, may be used against you! So, if you want to contact this team, make sure you do that with professionals like Got Suspended Clients!

Amazon Seller Performance vs. Amazon Seller Support

Some sellers, especially new ones, confuse these two, but there’s a huge difference between them. Amazon Seller Performance is the team that is responsible for “inspecting” sellers like you, meanwhile Amazon Seller Support has a completely another mission. Seller support is created for sellers who always have questions and are seeking answers to improve their business. Employees that work for Seller Support know everything about Amazon, its tools, and services, thereby giving the opportunity to sellers to develop their skills and use them to enhance their customer experience. By the way, Seller Support is reachable through phone, email and chat, while Seller Performance can be reached by email only. So, if you want to contact Amazon Seller Performance team, you’ll have to write an email; it’s impossible to call this team – they don’t have a phone number! You might be wondering why. Well, the issue is that there are too many sellers getting suspended. Imagine trying to keep up with all of them using the phone! Impossible!

As we already said, Seller Performance is directly connected to Amazon suspensions. How? First of all, let’s talk about basic things that drive Amazon crazy, and therefore, make it suspend you. First from the list of “bad things” is surpassing the limits of Amazon account health. Now can you tell the difference between support and performance teams?

Account Heath- Related Suspensions

According to the Account Health FAQ, “The Account Health page provides you an overview of your seller account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon,” and what’s more important, “review the performance of all sellers and notify them when they are off-target.” This means that Amazon warns you about upcoming suspensions, and that you can still avoid suspensions if you visit your account health on a regular basis! Seller Performance can, of course, suspend you, but you can circumvent that situation if you care enough and keep everything on the right track!

Account Health consists of the following sections: Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, Late Shipment Rate, Policy Violations, On-Time Delivery, and Contact Response Time. If you surpass any target established by Amazon, you’ll either get a warning or directly get suspended on Amazon.

The most common issue occurs with ODR – Order Defect Rate. This is one of the issues that is directly related to customers. There are three main components of ODR, which include:

  • Negative Feedback Rate
  • A-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate
  • Credit Card Chargeback Rate

Negative Feedback Rate

Always try to provide the best customer service in order to avoid negative feedback. Negative reviews are a complete disaster for sellers because it’s not only about the image and reputation, it’s also about the fate of the account! If you still receive customer feedback (negative), try to ascertain the root cause of it and solve the issue before Seller Performance deactivates your Amazon account. Responding to customers promptly not might, but actually will help circumvent this problem as well.

A to Z Guarantee Claim Rate

What concerns A-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate: its aim is to preserve you during the process of fulfilling the product by a third party seller.

Credit Card Chargeback Rate

If your client says they didn’t receive the order, or they returned the order but did not receive a refund, or the opposite, they received defective products, you as an Amazon seller will face issues related to Credit Card Chargeback Rate.

Account Information – Related Suspensions

There are two types of suspensions that are connected to the information you provide to Amazon. The first is Amazon verification suspension, and the second is linked accounts suspension.

Verification Suspension

You’ve definitely heard about it, and that it may happen when you least expect it. If you decide to make any amendment to your account, you’ll most probably get suspended! It can be any minor change you make, like updating your phone number, credit card, or even your address information to a new one. Who would’ve thought that changing your phone number would lead to Amazon account suspensions! Make sure you’re careful while operating on Amazon, that’s important!

Linked Account Suspension

If you create multiple accounts without Amazon’s special guidelines and approval, Amazon will detect that you are using more than one account, and your seller privileges will be temporarily deactivated! In case you didn’t know, when one account gets suspended, all accounts get suspended!

There are other suspensions that can occur because of poor product quality, selling counterfeit products, minor policy infringement, and so on. For more information about Amazon suspensions, you can visit our website or simply contact us. There, you will find tons of informative articles related to suspensions, and other important factors to consider.

Tips For Amazon Sellers

Say NO to Legal Actions

Don’t ever try to take legal action against Amazon. We have seen many Amazon sellers who want and think that they can sue Amazon. In reality, they can’t! Every action will be used against Amazon sellers who try to do anything against this e commerce giant, regardless of being a seasoned seller or a new one, and regardless of the products you sell. Even FBA sellers are not safe!

POA Should Be Well-Planned

Plan of action is a part of your appeal letter. It consists not only of beautiful words that can make Shakespeare cry, but it’s also about inspecting your account, finding the root cause, and so forth. Always review your account, find all those specific things that you did wrong, find the faulty product, customers who were dissatisfied with your service, and only then write your POA and send it via email!

No One Likes Fake People, Especially Amazon!

After deactivating your account, Amazon will require certain documents in order to verify your identity and your business. This can be your home address, business address, phone number, Don’t fake invoices, utility bills, and other documentation Amazon wants you to send – it will make Amazon mad, and you will lose the already vulnerable support that you had from Amazon!

Contact Performance Team via Email, But Don’t Cross The Limits!

Some people send so many appeals inquiries via email to Amazon Seller Performance, that it automatically becomes a complete nightmare for Amazon sellers. What Amazon sellers don’t know is that Amazon loves patient sellers. Sellers, who won’t try to call, who will wait for their final verdict, and who will accept the final decision. If you’re not one of them, contact us, and trust your case to our professional appeal service.


If you need support, contact us at Got Suspended Clients. We will help you solve any issue that is somehow connected to Amazon and Amazon suspensions. We see sellers who get suspended every day, believe us, we know how to deal with it. Whether it’s a suspension that occurred as a result of working through Amazon FBA or as a result of changing your phone number on Amazon, we will take care of it! Contact us for more information!

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  • Jaren Mackey says:

    Hey there I’ve been working hard trying to get my account reinstated for the past month. I have a really good POA and everything. Amazon is saying that I am trying to sell inauthentic products but in reality when I listed my items I just didn’t realize the listing was created with errors such as the brand name by another individual. So now I have to pay the consequences. Amazon is saying that I am not providing enough information but I’ve explained many times that because I purchased the products from Walmart all I have is receipts that I sent in pdf form and highlighted the necessary information. But no luck. Please email me and I can send you the emails that amazon has been sending me.

  • Murali Bhat says:

    I got suspended because of multiple accounts. Need your guidance

  • will says:

    i have my account been told being related to another at France market (normal at US market), but i never know how it was related, (by credit card? by name? by IP address etc.), and i have send support request via help center, but no reply, what should i do?