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Getting suspended by Amazon is the worst thing that could happen to the sellers during their operation on Amazon. That’s because you have to put much effort into reinstating your suspended account, and suffer many losses within your business. Therefore, the first thing that comes to the seller’s mind after getting suspended is “how to sue amazon or Can I?”

Well, even though the concept of suing Amazon appears to be bigger than it actually is, Amazon does get sued and has been sued many times! But how?

If you want to get the exact answer to that question, we recommend that you read Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement. You have probably faced this agreement at the very beginning of your operation on Amazon when you fill an application giving approval to becoming a third-party seller on Amazon, and promising to adhere to Amazon’s rules and regulations. And if you were quite alert, you may have probably noticed that there is a section in this agreement which states several limitations in suing Amazon.

What Is Amazon Arbitration?

Amazon arbitration is a kind of private court, where both a lawyer and judge are designated to hear your case. Depending on each case, the cost of arbitration may vary; however, it should include AAA filing fees, arbitration hearing fees, and legal fees. Generally, this sum can be anywhere between $7500 to $10,000. Keep in mind that it is going to be a time-intensive and nerve-wracking process that may be delayed for months or even years.

What You Can Expect From Amazon?

Let’s be honest, every seller who gets suspended on Amazon is completely sure that they are wrongfully accused of violating Amazon’s rules and their account must be reinstated as soon as possible.

But, if you have carefully read Amazon’s business solutions agreement, you may probably notice that it has been adjudicated by Washington State Courts and contains a paragraph stating that if Amazon decides to terminate the contract with you whenever it wants, it can do it without any issues. Hey, their playground, their rules!

Additionally, Amazon is not responsible for any loss of profit, data, business, or revenue which may hit your business.

Then Why Do We Need Amazon’s Internal Appeal System?

They say: “If you cannot beat them, join them.” After reading the above-mentioned information, you may probably wonder, “then what is the purpose of writing a Plan of Action?” Believe us that it is the best way of finding common ground with Amazon. Of course, you can sue Amazon, but you should keep in mind that it is not as easy as it can seem to be. Amazon’s market cap is $1.7 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of zeros, and a lot of money which gets Amazon the best lawyers on the market!

Therefore, we strictly recommend that you choose another, less destructive way of dealing with Amazon.

First of all, if you find your Amazon account suspended, you should start taking action immediately. Your paramount goal should be to determine the root cause of your suspension and come up with a carefully drafted Plan of Action.

Here, you have to devote a considerable amount of time (and money!) in order to detect all shortcomings within your business. Believe us that it is much easier than trying to sue Amazon. Of course, if you intend to sue Amazon, you can enter this process at your own risk; however, trust us that in this case, chances of getting positive results are too low.

Plan of Action

Let’s say, you have determined the root cause of your Amazon account’s suspension. You should start working on writing your appeal letter.

Generally, a carefully written appeal letter consists of three main sections:

  • Introduction
  • Root Cause
  • Immediate Actions

In the first section of your appeal letter, you have to introduce yourself and talk about your business. In the second part of your Plan of Action, you have to talk about the reason which led to your account’s suspension. In the next section of your letter, you basically have to show Amazon that “hey, look! We are taking actions to solve this issue.”

Keep in mind that if you have got suspended for an inauthentic violation, you have to also include invoices stating your products inauthenticity. Try to make sure that you are working solely with reputable suppliers who can provide you with valid invoices; otherwise, you can face other issues such as forged and manipulated invoices suspension.

If your Amazon Account has gotten suspended, don’t rush to sue Amazon. We suggest you contact Got Suspended Clients and we will help you overcome this issue without putting much effort into it. Well, not as much as trying to sue the biggest ecommerce platform in the world!

We have a professional appeal reinstatement team who can draft a professional Plan of Action which will help you return your selling privileges within several days. Additionally, we will provide you with lots of useful tips concerning how to run a business on Amazon without facing legal issues. By working with our team, you can be 100 percent sure that everything within your business goes smooth. We also suggest that you visit our website where you can find detailed information about our services and tons of useful blogs for your healthy operation on Amazon.