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You built your business from the ground up, but an Amazon suspension ruined everything you created? You’re writing an excellent POA that is being continuously denied by Amazon? Then this Got Suspended blog is right for you, as there is always a way out. This is something Amazon does on a daily basis; appeal denials are going viral. In a previous blog, we described why Amazon takes so long to reply and why the replies are mostly injected with denials or a prompt to provide more information. Now, after the secret is revealed, let’s disclose another tip for the cases when you receive generic responses. Trust us, we can get your suspended Amazon selling account reinstated in no time!

Have you ever heard of the term escalation? This is an opportunity for suspended sellers to get in touch with the higher class of Amazon. This way your Plan of Actions can be reviewed by people with a higher status, like the Executive Seller Relations team, manager or senior investigator. Even though Amazon provides you with this opportunity, the crux of the matter is that you have to prove that your case is worth the escalation. In any case, this chance is just what the doctor ordered.

What to include?

Think of Amazon as a judge, who should give the final verdict. If you have enough evidence, then you’ll win the case and continue operating your business after getting that Amazon reinstatement.

  • In your escalation you should show that each and every issue was addressed to the penny; however, your Plan of Actions was not treated right. In one or two sentences show that you’re a legitimate seller, whose Amazon account is a real picture of health with a good metric.
  • Remember that your escalation should go together with the Plan of Actions. If you have read our previous blog, then you know that Amazon workers are evaluated on the speed of their work, so they won’t spend time finding your POA in their database.
  • On many websites you’ll notice that some recommend sending an escalation letter to Jeff himself; but honestly, this is not the best idea. We at Got Suspended think that you should expend all the available resources before writing to the major player. If you don’t have enough evidence, you’ll spoil your chances of getting your Amazon account reinstated. Our staff has sent many successful escalations without mentioning Jeff Bezos, which means that it’s not necessary. Plus, do you really think Bezos is going to open that email? Especially now? Yeah, neither do we!
  • If you’re not sure about your writing skills, then it’s better that you hire a writer. If you don’t clarify the reason for the escalation, you’ll simply get another denial left with nothing. It’s not about writing something beautiful, it’s about clarifying the message you’re trying to get across.

This system is complicated and Amazon suspension reinstatement is something every seller impatiently waits for. If you feel your Plan of Actions is not having its day in the sun, you should definitely try this out. Remember that you should not blame Amazon for an “unfair” suspension; this will only make things worse. If you’re still having problems and not sure what exactly Amazon wants from you, we at Got Suspended have a range of services to help sellers like you win this race and have your account reinstated. We are ready to adapt, survive, and strive in this kind of situation if you need a hand of help.