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When one is jumping into Amazon, they can face lots of rules and regulations that they have to abide by during their operation on this platform.

Amazon is the one that sets the rules and if you want to stay on this platform, you have to meet all of them.

Pre-fulfillment Cancelation Rate is a type of  Amazon suspension which is considered to be one of the most common ones. Due to the lack of experience, sellers cancel customers’ orders, and as a result, they face issues like late shipment and cancellation rate suspensions. Let’s dive deeper in order to understand all the scrupulous aspects regarding this type of suspension.

Cancellation Rate Suspension

Let’s say you are an Amazon seller who runs their business under the Dropshipping business model. One of your customers places the order, you confirm it, but, after a while, you find out that your supplier would not be able to fulfill the order since they are not aware of the fact that this item is missing in their warehouse.  All you can do is cancel the order and wait for what would happen next. Here, you should be prepared for the worst, since once Amazon’s algorithm finds out about this issue, your seller account will immediately be suspended by the Seller Performance team.

This type of Amazon suspension is not going to be a problem for your business, in case you run it under the FBA business model. That’s because Amazon handles the entire process of your products’ fast shipping. You can read this blog where our partners from Jerome Basilio talk about the advantages provided by FBA. You can contact them and they will help you launch a successful FBA business from scratch.

However, if you run your business as an FBM seller, you can meet this issue during your operation quite a lot. Once your Cancellation rate exceeds the 2.5% specified by Amazon, your account will immediately be suspended for showing poor ODR metrics.

Therefore, you have to put much effort in order to make sure that your Account Health metrics are in good standing. We suggest that your read this blog which will help you recognize and control your ODR metrics.

Late Shipment

The late shipment is another common issue that FBM sellers meet quite a lot. Once your customer complains about receiving the order later than they have expected, your Amazon will be suspended. There are lots of reasons that may cause this type of Amazon suspension. For example, if you run your business under the Dropshipping business model, and your suppliers do not send orders in a timely fashion, you are the only person who is going to be responsible for this issue. Therefore, we strictly recommend that you avoid using Dropshipping as your fulfillment method and move to FBA.



If the fulfillment process is a  pain in your neck, then you should definitely change the entire way of your operation on Amazon. We suggest that you take a closer look at the FBA fulfillment method. That’s because it provides its users with lots of advantages for running a safe and successful business on Amazon.

First of all, you should not worry about issues like where to keep your products by renting expensive warehouses. With the FBA business model, your products will be stored at Amazon’s warehouses in the best possible condition. Additionally, Amazon will take care of vital processes such as packaging and fulfillment. In this case, you can be sure that your customers receive the orders in the fastest way, without any delays. So, issues such as late shipment or cancelation rate are not going to be a problem anymore if you run your business as an FBA seller.

If you find your Amazon account suspended by the Seller Performance team, do not panic and contact our team as soon as possible. Our team knows all the ways of how to get an Amazon account reinstated. Contact our team and we will help you return your selling privileges back in the shortest period of time. You can go to our website where you can find lots of stories of sellers whose accounts have successfully been reinstated by Got Suspended Clients.