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Most sellers who are running an eCommerce business on Amazon do not completely understand the fact that Amazon gives only a one-time opportunity for opening an account, and there will not be the second chance for a fresh start. Every successful Amazon seller is afraid to have their Amazon seller account suspended. There are several types of Amazon suspensions, and most of them are very easy to appeal if you are dealing with professionals like Got Suspended Clients appeal reinstatement service; however, there are some unique cases when both the seller and the reinstatement service are in over their heads.

You may probably ask yourself: What do I do if my account is suspended for good? We would like to give you an early warning that opening a new account after being suspended is very difficult and time-intensive since you have to build your business again from scratch.

However, here are some ideas and tricks for your Amazon business reconstruction.

A Clean State

Keep in mind that opening a new Amazon account after being suspended is much more difficult than opening an account for the first time.

Since you must open a new company for your business, which can be a subsidiary of your existing business, you could create business number two, which is owned by your first business and is still operating on Amazon. You will also need a unique bank account, credit card, phone number, e-mail address, and tax information. Also, you shouldn’t use the same IP address which is associated with your suspended account. If you observe the above-mentioned points, you can get a completely new Amazon account.

Not What’s Best

Another variant of continuing to operate on Amazon: You can purchase an existing Amazon selling account. There are different platforms where you can get an existing seller account. However, keep in mind that this option sometimes can be too expensive. It can cost you upwards of $ 200,000. We just include this type as an option since it is not the best one, and here is why: Most of the sellers who are operating under the purchased Amazon account are more likely to be suspended by Amazon more often than other sellers. Because sometimes, it is too hard to figure out the past mistakes of the previous owner, and if there will be inconsistencies between the owner’s information, you are risking getting suspended by Amazon. Honestly, we would stay away from this one as much as possible.


You might be surprised, but you can write to Jeff Bezos himself. Yes –yes, if there is no chance for you to reinstate your Amazon account, you can address your message to  and explain your unique situation. The waiting time is 45 days. It works once in a hundred times, but sometimes we have seen that sellers succeed using this method. You can read more about it here.

As you can see, the process of opening a new Amazon account after being suspended is very tricky, sometimes impossible. Amazon gives each of us only one chance, and try your best in not letting it go.

We all know that account suspensions come out of the blue. And sometimes, there are cases that are impossible to reinstate. However, for Got Suspended, the sky’s the limit. Our Amazon appeal reinstatement service can easily reinstate your account whatever it takes. You can visit our website for more information.