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New FBA sellers always wonder when they find out “Reactivate Amazon seller account privileges” is a widely searched sentence by FBA sellers.  There’s always a significant other who is extremely crazy, is jealous of you when talking to others, and what’s more, is too protective. Right? Well, Amazon is that crazy friend you should worry about! Amazon can’t stand it when you work with other companies such as Walmart, when you contact its customers for no reason, when you hurt its feelings and when you ignore its policies and main principles. Such a basic and overprotective friend that we all have! Same thing with Amazon, where you have to reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions all the time.


What Happens Next


Unlike your overprotective friend, Amazon not only makes a scene, but also suspends your account. This means that Amazon will take your selling privileges away, deactivate your account, remove your listings and not transfer funds to you. In other words, it will ruin your selling career because of a single mistake. Why? Because Amazon is obsessed with its customers and does everything to satisfy them! And when that happens, you will have no choice but to have someone reactivate Amazon seller account privileges that you have lost!


Reactivate Amazon Seller Account: How to Appeal?


Well, in order to create an appeal, you need to identify all the factors and details that caused or could have caused a suspension. After that, you need to choose the right words and pick the most appropriate way to present your mistake. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to accept your mistakes without dancing attendance to the platform. In case you want to know more, visit our blog section and enjoy your Amazon-ful evening!


Is There Any Easy Way To Do So?


Yes, there’s an easy way to appeal a suspension and get your selling privileges back, but it includes working with a third-party company. Many sellers don’t trust unknown services, and therefore, do everything on their own. The biggest disadvantage of working alone is that you don’t really know how the Amazon machine works from the inside and that you dive deeper than you have to, thereby ruining the appeal you wrote. Of course, you can do everything on your own, but is it really worth it?


Most of the sellers who reinstated their selling privileges claim that they wouldn’t be able to do so without working an independent Amazon appeal service. You know why? Because Amazon appeal services know how this entire suspension thing works and take actions that are focused on specific problems!


Amazon Appeal Service – It’s a Must! 


You might have all the information under the sun that can seemingly solve the problem and get your account back. However, everything is not that easy when it comes to Amazon! Even though some sellers do their homework and know everything about their Amazon seller suspension, some of them don’t have the ability to play their cards right, to use the information right. Unfortunately, statistics show that writing an appeal on your own has lower chances of bringing back your selling privileges. 


What’s more, Amazon and its employees are used to giving cold shoulders to your plan of actions, POAs. Why? Because their employees are estimated based on their speed and they don’t really care about your appeal! If you are just a seller who doesn’t know how Amazon and its employees think, then you will not understand where the logic is and why you are getting rejected. At the same time, Amazon appeal services know how to reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions even when appeals are getting rejected. 


Our writers know what to highlight, what to stress and what to pinpoint while sending in the appeal. This is what professionals do – they know how to affect Amazon’s opinion positively! 


So, if you too want to reactivate Amazon seller suspensions, you have two main options – work with a third-party appeal service or do everything on your own. We are sure that you are able to appeal your suspension on your own and even succeed, but believe us, it will take much longer than you think. This means that your funds will not be transferred to you for a very long period of time, do you really want to experience that feeling? Think about it! 

If you’re ready to protect your account from Amazon, contact us at Got Suspended Clients: we will help you solve the case!

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  • Trent OQuinn says:

    Hello I had my amazon seller account suspended almost 4 years ago and I have tried multiple times to appeal and get in touch with the correct people at amazon to get my account reinstated and I have had zero success. I am hoping you can help me as I never even got started selling on amazon before my account was taken.