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Vacation is something we all want and deserve, especially after travelling the highways and byways of Amazon and its policies. You have been working hard, and you are worthy of getting some rest, and forgetting about all the concerns and problems for a moment. Amazon can never stop you from having the best vacation of your life, if you, of course, have “informed” about it.

Otherwise, Amazon will stop your account by suspending it due to various reasons, to which our Amazon reinstatement service, Got Suspended, has dedicated all of its blogs. This is why Amazon has a special setting called “Vacation Mode,” which will allay all your suspension fears and concerns, and about which we have an interesting article for you to read.

Yes, we talked about Vacation Mode’s importance and weight during your vacation, but how should you do that, and what other tips can you use for an unbelievable vacation? Let’s see!

If you are an Amazon seller, be ready for adapting Amazon life to your own. Every single policy and every single setting will sooner or later become an inseparable part of your life, whether you want it or not. Hence, all your actions should be connected to your seller account and Amazon customers, otherwise Amazon will start the suspension process at full throttle. In other words, you have some things to cover, before actually putting your account on Vacay Mode.

IMPORTANT: Give yourself some time, usually two or three days, for putting your account on Vacation Mode. If you do it early, you will probably have orders, which you won’t manage to fulfill; smells like an Amazon seller suspension to us!

  1. Inattention – The Root of All Suspensions

You can be blinded by the thought of vacation and forget to check the orders on your account, which can lead to suspension; need we say more? Just go through your account, fulfill all the pending orders, because customers care only about themselves and their money, once you disappoint them, be ready for your account health metrics to change in a bad, very bad way.

  1. Getting No Message Is Also A Message

Imagine a customer wrote to you, in hopes of good customer service, refund or anything else. But something goes wrong and they don’t receive anything back. Wouldn’t it be a notable example of poor customer service, even though you are the best of the bests? Sure, it would! Which is not only unfair, but also harmful for your business. For this reason, we at Got Suspended recommend that Amazon sellers create a template for automatic responses. Your only goal would be to inform your customer that for the short term, you are away. We’re sure they’ll understand!

Once you are done with these steps, you are finally ready to put your account on Vacay Mode and have some fun, far away from Amazon, policies, suspensions and Amazon appeal services.

That’s right! We want you to relax once in a blue moon!

Just go to “Account info” and click on “Listing Status”, where you will find the “Going on Vacation?” section.  You will be finally done with all this boring stuff in a few second when you deactivate marketplaces you are not willing to sell on at that moment.

Amazon sellers always work hard to make big profits and avoid Amazon suspensions, and so do you. Now you are officially allowed to keep your head in the clouds, and enjoy the free days you deserve; just have fun, put up your hammock, drink the coconut water, and enjoy the ocean. It’s summer already!