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Let’s face it that one of the worst things that could happen to Amazon sellers is receiving a scary notification from Amazon stating about your account’s suspension. And the first thing that comes to every suspended seller’s mind is “how long does it take to get a suspended account reinstated?”

Of course, waiting for Amazon account reinstatement is not the best scenario, especially if you have invested much money in your e-commerce business. One day, a week, a month where is Amazon? However, do not get discouraged, everything has its end and your suspension is not the exception. And our team is here to help you.


As an Amazon seller, you should be aware of the fact that the entire success of your account’s fast reinstatement directly depends on the carefully drafted Plan of Action, which should be clear and concise. Once you submit it on Amazon here the waiting game begins. 

While the clock is ticking,  you can expect the following responses from Amazon:


  • Email asking to provide you more information regarding your suspension.
  • The second one is stating about your account’s reinstatement.
  • And the worst one is when Amazon rejects your Plan of Action, which means that you have to start drafting your appeal letter from scratch. 


According to the above-mentioned information, you can make sure that it is too hard to predict how long you have to wait until Amazon reinstates your suspended account. However, our team is going to bring to your attention several useful tips, which will help you simplify the process of your account’s reinstatement by providing you with detailed information regarding how to appeal your account’s suspension.


When Amazon Requests for  More Information!


 Here, you should keep in mind that Amazon does not want you to provide every bit of information regarding your operation on its platform, all you required to do is to provide what it wants no more no less. Your main goal is not to load Amazon with unnecessary information. In case the required information is the same just try to reword it or provide more documents. Of course, it is better to trust the process of appealing your suspended account professionals like Got Suspended Clients. In this case, you can be 100% sure that they will do it in the best professional way. 

However, if you still intend to appeal your suspension by yourself, you should prepare yourself that this process can last too long if you do not follow several important rules.


Amazon Asks You For Documents 


In response to your Plan of Action, Amazon can ask you to provide some documents. Here, your main mission is to show Amazon that all your products are authentic and you have not violated any of Amazon’s policies.


You should always keep in mind that Amazon’s main priority is to provide its customers with the best customer service. So, it demands the same from the sellers. Therefore, you have to put all your efforts to avoid any violations at any cost. You can visit our website where you can find lots of interesting blogs about how to avoid an Amazon suspension.



If you have been trying to reinstate your selling privileges for a very long period of time and there are no results, then, you should contact our team and we will help you reinstate your suspended account within a few days. Our Amazon appeal service is able to reinstate any type of Amazon suspensions and return your seller account within the shortest period of time.